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09:00-11:40 Session 16A: ICSF 2021 Track 1: Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

ABSTRACT. The complex researches of schemes of extraction and storage of hydrocarbons and geothermal energy are executed in the work. In particular, according to the location, logistics and nature of the processes of generation, transportation, evacuation, injection and local utilization of hydrocarbon and geothermal energy sources, the scheme is divided into subspecies of consumer regional order of electricity, hydrocarbon and chemical energy and hydrogen. It is shown that the tasks of extraction of natural or synthesized hydrocarbons, geothermal energy and subsequent transformation into the required form of commodity resource can be unified with the organization of circuit-combined technologies. At the same time, the developed technological scheme implements the concept of storage of the required amount of energy resources on the one hand and regulation of production capacity for consumption - on the other. The reduction of current energy costs for the implementation and operation of systems with updated functional systems for a total of 20-45%. It is proved that the selection of the scheme of unified extraction and storage energy systems in accordance with the projected order of energy and energy resources, due to the capabilities of productive reservoirs, leads to minimization of capital costs for their construction on a modular basis. Research of application of combined technologies of dual extraction-storage of heat carriers-hydrocarbons is a perspective direction of researches.

Deposits of the hydrocarbon raw materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where it is possible to introduce a microbiological method for stimulating the formation
PRESENTER: Olga Kuderinova

ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to the analysis and systematisation of the data about hydrocarbon deposits of the Republic of Kazakhstan, highlighting those aspects that will allow of using the method of the microbiological impact on oil reservoirs. This technique of influence refers to the chemical methods of the tertiary recovery stage of the development of the oil deposits. It has already proven its effectiveness in highly depleted, waterflooded formations with irregular, diffuse oil saturation. Its main advantages are its relative cheapness, as it does not require additional equipment for injecting microorganisms into the stratum, and for their nutrition, as a rule, food industry waste is used, and its use cannot cause harmful effects on the environment. In addition, with the help of the Internet discrepancies in the information that is in the public domain and that one, which can be found, including the websites of the other countries, were subsequently described in the article. A fairly extensive database was compiled, and after, based on it, various classifications of the republic's deposits were created.

Research of the properties of quarry tuff-stone for complex processing
PRESENTER: Vitalii Zaiets

ABSTRACT. This article focuses on the complex processing of quarry tuffs-stone to extract metals (iron, titanium, copper, silver, etc.) and obtain raw materials for construction and agriculture. The issue of tuff-stone softening was investigated and the analytical dependence of the regularity of tuff-stone softening at water saturation was established, which indicates that the saturation increases with increasing mass of the sample according to the logarithmic law, and the dehydration process occurs according to the parabolic law. Also in the course of researches the magnetic susceptibility of tuff-stone was defined, which depends on size of induction of a magnetic field. The magnetically sensitive part is up to 50% by weight of the sample, and the remaining silicate part at a magnetic field strength of 1.3 Tesla. Spectral analysis showed a high content of metals in the magnetically sensitive part of tuff-stone, which consists of iron (35-40 %), titanium (2.5-4.0 %) and copper in the silicate part (0.4-0.7 %). It was found that the percentage of content representing commercial interest, and therefore it is appropriate complex processing.

Modeling the distribution of rock mass and native copper output by size classes during crushing

ABSTRACT. The article considers the features of the distribution of technological indicators (product output, content and extraction of copper) by size classes, the main factors influencing the crushing process are identified and regression dependences of productivity on influencing factors are received. The parabolic nature of the dependences of the output of crushed rock on the size class is established. The high adequacy of the obtained models was confirmed and the most promising classes of rock size for copper extraction were determined. The obtained results and models will allow to develop a generalized model of the process of native copper mining and to implement this process with rational and optimal parameters. Also the received models will allow to carry out an estimation of productivity of a research site of processing of raw materials of basalt quarries.

Improving the methods for determining the promising boundaries of iron ore open pits
PRESENTER: Yulian Hryhoriev

ABSTRACT. The article considers the determination of the final contours of the open pits. One of the problems of development of iron ore deposits at the present stage of development of opencast mining is described, which consists in the fact that in most open pits their working contours on the surface have reached final position. In these conditions, it is necessary to reevaluate the capabilities of the raw material base for further operation of mining enterprises. The analysis of scientific achievements in the decision of the final definition of the open pits` contours is executed. The well-known principle of determining the boundaries of opencast mining, the principle of which is to determine the boundaries based on a comparison of the allowable cost of ore production with the expected for the designed open pit. On the example of the open pits, which reflect the characteristic features of the development of steep-dipping deposits of Ukraine, the influence of current overburden ratio of the existing open pits on the economic overburden ratio, which serves as the main criterion in determining the boundaries of opencast mining for the designed open pits. A method for determining the boundaries of the open pits has been developed, which provides for the use of the economic overburden ratio of opening as a value not constant but variable over time, and one that depends on the change of current coefficients of opening in open pits-competitors. As a result, the theory in the field of determining the final contours of the open pits is improved. The new method differs from the known ones by taking into account the change in the economic overburden ratio over time, as well as determining the impact of technological indicators of open pits -competitors on the final depth of the designed open pit.

Application of roof bolting to reduce water inflow into mine workings during the crossing of tectonic faults

ABSTRACT. In this work, the problem of water inflow reduction in Ukrainian coal mines, which are distinguished by difficult hydrogeological conditions, was considered. A numerical study of the change in water inflow into a mine working when it crosses a tectonic fault was carried out. The cases when the permanent working was supported by frame supports and roof bolts were considered. The calculation of stress fields, zones with inelastic deformations and coefficients of permeability, which depend on the stress state and takes into account tectonic and natural permeability of the rocks, was performed. The results of calculating the water pressure and water inflow into the mine working in all considered cases are presented in the article. Analysis of the calculated data showed that a disturbed area, which covered water-bearing ricks, was formed in the roof of the mine working with the frame support. Within this area, water can move towards the contour of the mine working. The filtration permeability of the host rocks increases significantly when the mine face approaches the tectonic disturbance. The flow rate of water reaches critical values. The use of roof bolting restrains the unloading of the boundary rocks from the rock pressure and keeps them in a triaxially compressed stress state. The permeability value decreases by the value of its technological component. In different areas of the intersection of tectonic disturbance, the water inflow into the mine working with roof bolting is 3-8 times less than in the working, supported by frame supports. Therefore, the use of roof bolting allows not only to keep the mine working in a stable state, but also to significantly reduce water inflows at complicated hydrogeological conditions.

Principles for certain geomechanics problems solution during overworking of mine workings
PRESENTER: Iryna Kovalevska

ABSTRACT. This paper deals with two relevant and interrelated directions of coal mining development. Firstly, the resource-saving complete extraction of reserves, and secondly, the intensification of mining activity through mining operations conducted on several seams. The objective of overworking of mine workings with a real representation of mining-and-geological and mining-engineering conditions has been formulated. Five peculiarities of the geomechanical models construction for overworking of mine works have been revealed and substantiated. The technology for performing a series of computational experiments is proposed. The task of the protecting pillar influence, which is located in overlying coal seam, on the state of mine working placed in the underlying coal seam has been solved. An optimal scheme for its maintenance is proposed.

PRESENTER: Natalya Remez

ABSTRACT. The paper provides numerical simulation of the influence of dynamic loading on the stress-strain state of the natural and geoengineering technogenic environment taking into account the soil basis for forecasting its use as the basis of the structure. Paper demonstrates the impact of static and dynamic loading on the subsidence of the landfill. To take into account the liquid phase of the waste and the visco-plastic medium, Darcy's law is used as an equation of balance of forces. The body of the landfill is modeled by weak soil taking into account the creep, using the Soft Soil Creep model. The covering and underlying soil layers are described by the Coulomb – Mohr model. An effective method for calculating the sedimentation of natural and geoengineering environment on the example of a solid waste landfill, based on numerical modeling of the stress-strain state of the landfill and underlying soil using finite elements is developed. It is demonstrated that the largest subsidence is experienced by the landfill with sand, as the base soil, but in percentage terms the amount of subsidence with the maximum load relative to the initial subsidence without loading is the largest in clay (33.7%). The obtained results must be taken into account when using landfills as a basis for buildings, structures, routes, recreational areas, etc.

09:00-11:20 Session 16B: ICSF 2021 Track 3: Sustainable Building and Architecture
Modeling of the effect of a high-pressure jet of cement mortar on the surrounding soil environment when performing jet grouting columns using jet technology

ABSTRACT. The main idea of jet grouting technology is the implementation of processes aimed at changing the characteristics of soils, creating materials with the necessary properties on their basis and forming underground elements with specified parameters from these materials. The high pressure of the cement mortar jet leads to soil blending and its continuous destruction within the radius of impact of the jet. According to some authors, the jet outside the destructive radius does not affect the surrounding soil environment. In compliance with practical studies performed at construction sites in Kyiv, Ukraine, the data on changes in the physical and mechanical characteristics of the soil surrounding the soil-cement column were obtained. This fact led to a more detailed study of the effect of a high-pressure jet on the surrounding soil during the execution of columns using jet technology.

Computational aerodynamics in architectural siting of the structures of agro-industrial complex
PRESENTER: Anton Makhinko

ABSTRACT. The article presents study of wind effect on silo parks, which was carried out by computer simulation methods. A special modeling technique was created as a software module for the Ansys Workbench platform. A finite element mesh was developed in accordance with two requirements. Through the use of this mesh, which doesn’t contain needless elements which can be used for simplification of calculations and reduction of execution time, it is possible to describe the turbulent airflow in sufficient detail. The dimensions of all mesh elements are determined by special relations as the functions of the silo diameter and the Reynolds number. The major stage in this investigation was modeling of various options for flowing silos and their groups. As a result of the study, we have obtained aerodynamic characteristics of individual silos as part of silo parks and plotted charts of the distribution of pressure coefficients over the cylinder surface, changing the size of the silos, distances between them and local wind regime. Based on these data, we have drawn a conclusion about the optimal space planning locations of silos for different wind directions. Visualizations of turbulent flow around models at different speeds have also been obtained in this study.

Construction technology for affordable housing with the use of space-braced concrete-filled steel tubular framing
PRESENTER: Mykola Kotov

ABSTRACT. Among many tasks to be done by the state, the most significant is a social-economic one i.e. provision of its citizens with affordable, long-lasting, energy- efficient and economical housing. One of the ways of doing the given task is the application of concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) structures, for the elements of a building, of circular, square or rectangular type. It is also possible to use such structures not only for a new housing stock but in the reconstruction of present one at the expense of additional storeys (about 20); without demolition and total resettlement of tenants of the house under reconstruction. Alongside with this, there is an opportunity to increase total area of residential houses and make new types of comfortable place of various purpose.

Prospects of application of roller compacted concrete in hydro schemes of Ukraine
PRESENTER: Svitlana Butnik

ABSTRACT. Prospects of application of roller compacted concrete in hydro schemes of Ukraine are considered. The number of dams erected with application of roller compacted concrete is growing year after year in the world. Roller compacted concrete is an especially dry concrete mixture with decreased content of cement and increased content of pozzolana (fly ash). The broad physico-mechanical peculiarities of roller compacted concrete depend not only on its composition but also on technology of its laying and compacting in dam. Rapid construction of gravity dams with use of equipment for earth-moving works enables the more economic construction of protective embankments. Prospects of application of roller compacted concrete during erection and restoration of existing protective embankments in regions with increased flood hazard in the west of Ukraine are considered. The use of roller compacted concrete allows reducing construction deadlines by a factor of 2–3, and, in so doing, reducing the labor content by a factor of 4–5 at the expense of full mechanization of works. Decrease in content of astringent in composition of roller compacted concrete by 30–80 kg/m3 favors decrease in heat release and, correspondingly, the occurrence of temperature contraction cracks, which in its turn favors economy during construction of hydro-technical structures of hydro schemes.

Analytical calculation of tube confined concrete elements with strengthened cores

ABSTRACT. The approach to the formation of the analytical method of evaluation of the stress-strain state of complex rod bearing structural elements is considered in the paper. The prerequisites described cover all the fundamental features of deformation of the components in conditions of tube confined concrete with a strengthened core. This is confirmed by the results of our own experimental studies. The case of central axial compression is considered in detail. From the beginning of loading to destruction of a structural element, two fundamentally different stages of work are distinguished: in the beginning – elastic; closer to destruction – plastic. The method of variable elasticity parameters is used to describe the performance of concrete in the plastic stage. The mutual influence of components during deformation is revealed by solving the contact problem. The methodology was tested by comparing the results of our own experimental and theoretical results.

Features of structures and calculation of steel spiral-fold silos

ABSTRACT. The advantages of metal silos in comparison with reinforced concrete are given. Types of silos depending on a wall design are considered. The construction of steel spiral-fold silos and the method of forming a cylindrical body are considered. The general design of a spiral-fold silo is illustrated. Features of the folding lock, its geometry and location are described. The specifics of the construction of spiral-fold silo, which affects their stress-strain state, are analyzed. Listed two calculation schemes of silо depending on the complexity of input information for the computer. The standard documents which regulates the design of steel silo tanks on the territory of Ukraine are analyzed. The main loads and influences which are accepted at calculation of silos are listed. The basic formula of check of the general durability of a wall of a silo is resulted, the components of the formula are decrypted. The algorithm for calculating the spiral-folded silage is given.

Simulation of two-dimensional distribution laws of random correlated quantities of natural-climatic factors in context of probabilistic assessment of reliability of hydraulic structures of cascades of hydroschemes
PRESENTER: Andrii Mozgovuy

ABSTRACT. When performing calculations to assess reliability of hydraulic structures of cascades of hydroschemes on the basis of probabilistic methods, the necessity to simulate random natural-climatic phenomena producing loads and effects on hydraulic structures arises. In particular, statistical series of random quantities of such important natural-climatic phenomena, obtained by direct measurements in dam sites of hydroschemes of Dnieper cascade of hydroelectric stations, are considered: annual maximal flood discharges, annual maximal ice thickness, annual lowest average monthly temperatures, annual maximal amplitudes of average monthly temperatures. Each of the enumerated natural-climatic phenomena is characterized by presence of close correlation connections between random quantities when passing from one hydroscheme of the cascade to another. The necessity to consider correlation connections requires construction (simulation) of joint distribution law of random quantities system. Principles of construction of joint distribution law of system of random quantities satisfying normal distributions are widely presented in the present-day literature and do not cause difficulties. In the case when distribution laws of random quantities system do not satisfy the normal ones, approaches with transformation of the initial statistical series of data into the normal law by the use of corresponding substitutions are proposed.

11:40-16:20 Session 17: ICSF 2021 Track 4: Sustainable Cities and Society
Methods for Developing an Indoor Navigation System
PRESENTER: Nikolay Yanev

ABSTRACT. The report offers methods for developing an indoor navigation system. For this purpose, popular navigation applications have been analysed. We have been strongly motivated by the fact that no universal methods have been established that are applicable with this kind of projects. Very often the case is that new methods are formed in view of a specific process and they are based on a particular technology and on the related organisation, design and other considerations. This is also confirmed by a conducted experiment with a commercial product for indoor navigation. The methods offered include map digitising, determining a user’s location, and selectinging the shortest path. This is achieved by applying elements of graph theory, databases, XML and QR code. The methods offered are universal and could be applied to any type of building.The methods have been approbated in the building of a mobile application for the needs of the University of Mining and Geology, Sofia.

The participative budget of making a city sustainable: quintuple helix approach

ABSTRACT. For transition economies, urban management processes are also in transition, which also means a situational opportunity to apply an integrated approach to the implementation of innovative projects, in which economic and political, as well as social, socio-cultural and environmental directions of development can receive a positive stimulus. Purpose of the study is to analyze the structure of participatory budgeting projects on the continuum “science and education – environment”, in accordance with the methodological approach to justify the innovative development of the city (based on helix-modeling). The paper has outlined an approach to activation the principles of sustainable and inclusive development at the local level, on the example of the participatory budget of Kyiv city in Ukraine. At the methodological level, the stages of the evolution of helix-modeling to the quintuple level have been analyzed in detail, the results of which are proposed to be implemented in accelerating the transformation of the projects structure aimed at the development of economic, social and environmental aspects of citizens life, namely in the fields of education, science, culture, sports, ecology, etc. Analysis of the change in the structure of participatory budgeting in Kyiv for the period 2017-2019 allows us to talk about the optimistic transition scenario of the city and the country in whole to the real pace of achievement the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Strengthening the current positive changes with the help of state support, as well as ensuring a sufficient responsible investment, allows at a project level to succeed in improving the sustainability of the city.

The transformation of the engineering and planning organization of the territory of the Luhansk region in the conditions of the functions changing of the regional typology

ABSTRACT. The conditions of origin, development and transformation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine are considered. There is an irreversible tendency to reduce the industrial potential of the coal and metallurgical industry, the collapse of the urban base. The nature and scale of the impact of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine on the state of the engineering and planning organization in the territory of the Luhansk region is studied. Trends of development, circumstances and preconditions of formation of the agglomerations of the region are determined. The correspondence of regional typologies on the basis of function in the modern conditions of the armed conflict is analyzed. The analysis allows us to identify the following important aspects. A gradual but irreversible process of deindustrialization is recorded. The transformation of the engineering and planning organization of the territory of the Luhansk region in the conditions of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine is a fait accompli. A new political and economic reality is being formed. The Luhansk and Donetsk regions are artificially divided. The internal status of the region has led to the formation of a large number of urban agglomerations, a dense transport network. The analysis of a demographic condition, a territorial, town-planning complex testifies to discrepancy of typological signs of the area in the modern conditions. The Luhansk region is becoming a cross-border region with a dense border. It is expedient to expand the existing classification of regions by introducing certain special functions of the regional typology. In the modern conditions, in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, a border region is formed. Along this line, the function of cross-border cooperation is complemented by the function of the border control. This function aims to limit a certain type - the fixation of the border, the mode of its crossing, strict adherence to legally established procedures. The addition of the functions of the regional typology should be taken into account in the tasks of improving the territorial - planning organization of the Luhansk region.

Positive psychology as a counterweight to youth economic deprivation
PRESENTER: Kulpreet Kaur

ABSTRACT. The article deals with the topical problem of economic deprivation of young women and men and alternatives for overcoming it through the introduction of the psycho-correctional practices of positive psychology. The subject of the study is to find out the gender symmetry or its violation in the position of the subjectivity of genders in the choice of life activity strategy. The conceptual model of positive psychology and its components as the indicators of the psychological state of young women and men in personal and professional self-determination are presented. The social and psychological factors that determine the satisfaction of the youth with the choice of a job and its content, the ability to direct and adjust the requests and motivations of young women and men in searching for a more successful professional and social future have been substantiated. It has been found out that overcoming gender inequality in social and economic status, and a sense of economic deprivation of the youth is possible by internalizing the basic principles of economic culture through learning, development and involvement in positive psychology.

Regional development of enterprises: concept of sustainable development and Data mining
PRESENTER: Sergey Ivanov

ABSTRACT. Ukrainian enterprises are having a goal of get on with the concept of sustainable development. However, in the different regions of Ukraine there are various challenges, which needed to be considered in management of enterprises and organizations. Therefore important question is discovered about the main directions of developing enterprises, which will be relevant for a particular region. This study is highlighting statistic indicators, which characterizing the economic, social and environmental components of sustainable development of Ukrainian enterprises. On the basis of data about 1990-2019 years (2020 isn’t used due to the impact of the pandemic, which significantly affected these parameters) cluster analysis of dynamic of sustainable development enterprises of Ukraine by region is made. In the result of clustering regions were separated in three groups (clusters). Detailed analysis of the features of indicators of each cluster (group of regions) is made. On the basis of results of clustering recommendations about priority directions of increasing the level of sustainable development of Ukraine are discovered. Results of the study can be used in management of local enterprises and organizations in the certain regions to improve the level of achievement of sustainable development goals.

Modern development trend of normative monetary valuation of non-agricultural land plots in Ukraine

ABSTRACT. The article identifies the main types of land valuation – expert monetary valuation for individual evaluation of particular plots and normative monetary valuation for systematic valuation of land for tax purposes. To conduct the last one, a mass assessment of land plots considering geoinformation technologies is used. It is established that at the present stage of normative monetary valuation of non-agricultural land plots in Ukraine two methodologies are used: within the settlement and outside it. The project of the unified methodology of normative monetary valuation of land plots by combining the existing methods submitted for discussion by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine is considered. The values of land plots according to the existing and unified methodologies are studied on the example of four land plots under gas stations, which are located in the city of Kharkiv and outside it. It is established that the values of land plots, determined by existing and unified methods, differ both in the direction of increase and decrease, the difference varies from 9 % to 97 %. It is necessary to conduct additional analysis of initial data and indicators, which are the basis for calculating and improve the offer unified methodology.

Substantiation of the advanced training program “Social work with military personnel and military-social work in the context of sustainable development goals”

ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to the implementation of sustainable development goals in the training of social employees and military personnel engaged in military and social work. The purpose is to develop a training program "Social work with military staff and military-social work". There are research methods such as comparative analysis, theoretical analysis, generalization, survey, modeling, synthesis. The result of the article is the developed program of three modules of "Digital tools for teaching social work", "Theoretical foundations of social work with servicemen and their families", "Practice of social work with servicemen and their families in the community". The program features are the following: a training form and a set of approaches to its content. The program prerequisite for the implementation are the mastering by teachers of the tools of media education, the distance technologies and their methods of use, interaction of community specialists and military in training. Prospects for further research are the development of disciplines of specialization in higher education institutions on the research problem. The scientific novelty consists of a set of scientific approaches to developing the program content, clarifying the essence of the concept of "military and social work", others.

Modeling the assessment of investment projects for territorial communities in compliance with the concept of sustainable development
PRESENTER: Alyona Polova

ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to the problem of evaluation and selection of investment projects aimed at the development of territorial communities (TC) and take into account the need to pursue the goals of sustainable development at the local level. In the context of decentralization reform, attracting investment funds is the leading activity of local self-government. And to ensure the transparency of management and presentation of its results to the governing bodies of TC need new scientific methods to justify the choice of one or more projects from a variety of alternative solutions. Decision-making taking into account the concept of sustainable development determines the evaluation of investment projects in terms of their effectiveness in finding a balance between social, economic and environmental components. The peculiarity of comparative analysis is taking into account the qualitative assessment, so to make optimal investment management decisions, a model is proposed, developed on the basis of fuzzy logic and implemented using tools Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. The article builds and substantiates an improved fuzzy model for evaluating investment projects for TC development. The improved model is based on a system of 15 quantitative and qualitative indicators of achieving goals in the social, economic and environmental components of the concept and allows for a "soft" assessment of the investment project. This model is used to substantiate the decisions of the TC of Zaporizhzhia region and can be used in the development of decision support systems at the level of TC for quantitative justification of decisions, conducting variant calculation.

Sustainable development and tolerance in the socializing and resocializing of the architectural environment of cities

ABSTRACT. The article considers the sustainable development of the city public spaces and the penitentiary complexes problems from the Synergetics and Socionics standpoint. These approaches provide consideration of the opposite processes of public spaces socialization and correctional complexes resocialization, sustainability, and dynamism its organization, and self-organization. The regularities of sustainable development are present in the cyclical nature of historical changes in public spaces and the penitentiary system. Cycles unfold in the alternation order of pairwise polarized processes, on the one hand, dispersion and concentration, and, on the other, – self-organization and adaptation. We have found that the interaction of universal processes and the natural change of cycles stimulates, on the one hand, growth and stabilization, and, on the other, – transformation and metamorphosis, which lead to the emergence of new forms and structures of public spaces and penitentiary complexes. We have proposed to use Socionical methods for increasing tolerance and democracy in the architectural environment of settlements. We have described the methodological tools to achieve the harmonization of the architectural environment of settlements.

The response strategy of social work with displaced families and the receiving community (within the context of sustainable development)

ABSTRACT. The article deals with the issues of overcoming poverty, inequality, nutrition improvement, ensuring a healthy way of life, raising education quality, enhancing well-being, and building up a peaceful and open society for internally displaced persons (IDP) and the receiving community by means of the social response strategy. The goal of the research: theoretic substantiation of the response strategy in social work with IDP and the community in the context of the perspective of ensuring their sustainable development. The presented response strategy is for the first time theoretically substantiated and adapted to the Ukrainian realities in the conflict zone and takes into account the peculiarities of the DP and social work in the receiving borderline community and includes standard actions to react to extraordinary situations, activity directions – psychology-and-pedagogic, socio-medical, humanitarian, information-and-cultural assistance. The strategy is based on the principles of integration, multi-sidedness, multidisciplinary connection, resource-orientation, green-aware social work, the advantages theory, partnership, assistance for self-assistance, family-centrism, innovation, synergy, etc.; it takes into account the perspective ensuring of sustainable future for both the displaced families and the receiving community in general. The methods of the research: theoretical analysis, synthesis, systemizing, generalizing, comparison, documentation study, estimation of needs, and mathematic statistics methods. The obtained results of applying the mentioned theory under conditions of the military conflict in the Luhansk oblast (area) of Ukraine confirm its efficiency in qualitative and numerical terms and are supported by mathematic statistics methods.

Thermal comfort analysis in the sustainable educational building
PRESENTER: Luiza Dębska

ABSTRACT. In the modern world, a person spends most of his life indoors. That is why it is so important to create optimal conditions for the internal environment. Research on thermal comfort and subjective feeling of people inside the building can help in this. The article discusses two methods that are used in research on thermal sensations. This makes it possible to know the thermal assessment of people and then compare this result with the calculated PMV value, which is calculated using the formula from ISO 7730 standard.

The problems of forming a system of green areas as an ecological framework of a large city (on the example of Kyiv)

ABSTRACT. Each large city is characterized by its own unique model of spatial organization of green areas, which form the ecological framework of the city and act as a condition for its balanced ecological development. The article presents results of an analysis of the actual state and preconditions for the formation of a system of green areas of public use of a large city on the example of the city of Kyiv. The model of the ecological framework of Kyiv, in comparison with the models of other European cities, is characterized. The specificity of the spatial organization of the landscaping system is marked by the presence of a powerful water-green diameter in the central part of the city, formed by the valley of the Dnipro River with islands, and a developed peripheral-ring forest park belt. The central and middle densely developed area of the city suffers from a significant lack of green areas for public use. The article formulates urban planning problems completion of the formation of an integrated ecological network of Kyiv, and outlined areas for improving the city's landscaping system.

Higher education institutions energy efficient methods of functional planning solution
PRESENTER: Irina Bulakh

ABSTRACT. The article determines that the priority factor of energy efficiency at the design stage is the optimal functional and planning solution of educational buildings; established architectural and planning techniques aimed at improving the energy efficiency of higher education institutions, including compaction of educational institutions, clear zoning, implementation of compact architectural and planning solutions for educational buildings and structures, blocking in one or adjacent areas of several free economic cooperation with cooperative use of engineers increasing the number of storeys of buildings, the use of underground space and landscaping in the architectural and planning solution of buildings.

Is the hospital-park future of the sustainable hospital architecture?
PRESENTER: Irina Bulakh

ABSTRACT. The article deals with important issues of the ecological approach to the health care facilities design within the general world's attention to the problem of sustainable development of the urban environment. Taking as the example the innovative foreign experience of implemented projects of medical institutions, as well as design, competitive and conceptual proposals revealed the latest idea of coexistence and harmonization of natural and man-made worlds within the medical environment that meets the challenges and needs of the XXI century. It is the concept of the hospital-park, that synthetically combines the architectural environment, natural environment, as well as man-made oasis and creates the basis for emergent results both in the medical field and in the need for a neat attitude to our planet. The article reveals the possibilities of designing a hospital-park of different stories and in different initial conditions: in a dense urban environment with a minimum size of the construction site, in suburban and peripheral areas of the city.

12:00-15:20 Session 18A: ICSF 2021 Track 2: Measuring, Forecasting and Monitoring Sustainability
Shifting consumers’ sustainable behavior in the hospitality industry

ABSTRACT. Although research on hotel booking intention has been carried out in the last decade, the research that reveals the role of hotel reservation information through online consumer reviews in the millennial generation is still very rare. This study aims to determine the factors of online consumer reviews that affect hotel booking intentions for the millennial generation in Bali, Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative approach by distributing questionnaires to 385 respondents through a non-probability sampling technique, namely purposive sampling. The data analysis technique of this research is a multiple linear regression analysis processed using the SPSS 25.0 program. The results reveal that usefulness, timeline, and comprehensiveness have a significant effect on hotel booking intentions. Meanwhile, the volume of online reviews, the positive valence of online reviews, and the negative valence of online reviews are not significant for hotel booking intentions. The research findings reveal the characteristics of the millennial generation which are in line with the theory of reason action that they have their views in making decisions. The research implications are discussed in the paper.

Ensuring sustainable development of enterprises in the conditions of digital transformations

ABSTRACT. Modern enterprises are dynamically developing due to the fourth industrial revolution, contributing to the introduction of innovative infocommunication technologies in most business processes, thereby shaping and developing the digital economy. The aim of the article is to substantiate the concept of sustainable development of enterprises in the context of digital transformations. The theoretical and methodological foundations of sustainable development at different levels of the hierarchy have been determined. The concept of sustainable development of enterprises has been developed, the implementation of which is aimed at harmonizing the economic, environmental and social activities of the enterprise. The stages of the process of implementing the concept of sustainable development of enterprises are highlighted, providing for the justification of an inert, neutral, progressive or forced vector. Ensuring the implementation of the concept of sustainable development is expected through the use of applied models, in particular, the implementation of a parametric model of joint deployment of enterprise infrastructure with other infrastructure facilities in economic activity, taking into account technical, geographical, organizational and socio-economic factors to strengthen financial stability; building a model for ensuring a balanced balance between economic efficiency and environmental and social responsibility of an enterprise using a mechanism for managing transformation processes in the process of transition to sustainable development in the context of digitalization.

Ecological and economic aspects of sustainable development of Ukrainian regions
PRESENTER: Larysa Zomchak

ABSTRACT. The need for sustainable development of Ukrainian regions is due to the global threat of environmental degradation, the unstable situation in the world economy, low socio-economic indicators of the country, and weak innovation activity. An important factor that influences the economic development of regions is the ecological state of the environment. It plays one of the most important roles in the conducting of economic activities that require the use of natural resources. According to the results of the investigation, four clusters were formed. Cluster analysis made it possible to conduct a general assessment of the state of the regions of Ukraine, to form groups by similarity, and to draw sound conclusions about the existence of similarities in the economy. The formation of clusters and the development of sustainable development policies for individual clusters, which should have significant differences, taking into account their specifics, will contribute to the more effective achievement of sustainable development goals.

Global benchmarking for monitoring environmental, economic, and social performance for metallurgical production enterprises

ABSTRACT. The development of the ideology of sustainable development stimulated the emergence of companies' Performance Management Systems with an emphasis on the environmental aspects of their activities. Benchmarking, as a modern management tool, is often used for competitive analysis and setting development goals. This study's scientific problem is to assess the feasibility of applying benchmarking studies to assess the global industry's environmental aspects. The purpose of the study is to identify the prerequisites for using benchmarking to improve environmental performance, as well as to identify best practices among world-leading companies. For benchmarking, a logical information model is proposed in the study. On its basis, eight world leaders were selected, trends in the industry's development were analysed, and reference values of environmental indicators were established. For environmental performance assessment, it is proposed to use such indicators as greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, material efficiency, environmental management systems. Comparative benchmarking analysis of world leaders and 16 largest Ukrainian companies allowed determining the reserves for increasing environmental performance. The directions for increasing environmental performance are Investment in resource-saving technologies, production of higher value-added products, investments in energy-saving and new technologies, improvement of management systems, and certification. These ideas are complemented by recommendations for improving environmental performance, based on the Circular Economy Concept's philosophy and "Industry 4.0". The study's practical significance is that Ukrainian companies can use their results to achieve higher environmental and economic outcomes.

Sustainability and Reliability Ensurance Models for Automated Technological Systems in Chemical Industry: Systemic Ergonomic Approach
PRESENTER: Evgeniy Lavrov

ABSTRACT. The paper considers accidents and potential hazards of the world chemical enterprises, and provides statistics of accidents and human casualties. The authors investigate harmful factors affecting the production process and a human-operator,showing the central role of a human in the technological process (both as a source of errors and as an active element that eliminates errors, failures and cyber attacks’ consequences). We essentially consider automated technological complex as a Human-Machine-Environment system,thus a human-system approach should be applied. The authors developed a complex of systemic components and morphological models, which describe the human-machine system in the sections required for analysis, to ensure reliable design with initial data. The authors also propose a method and information technology for interfaces’ ergonomic assessment; the principles for adaptive interfaces design;and mathematical models and information technology to assess safety and timeliness indicators of the chemical production operators’ activities. The models are based on the principles of the functional-structural theory by Anatoly Gubinsky, Vladimir Evgrafov, AkivaAsherov, Pavel Chabaneko and others, and on the mathematical apparatus of functional networks. Further, the authors develop an optimization model for decision supportin organizing the human-machine control technology, using the criterion of minimizing losses from unreliability. Both the models and the information technology have undergone extensive testing, including solving the tasks of:choosing the automation level for the control process; distributing functions between operators; control algorithmsdesign;user interface design, design of agent-managers to support the operators’ activities. The resultscan be used as the basis for a decision support system to ensure reliability and ergonomic quality of automated technological systems in chemical industry.

The price for sustainable development of renewable energy sector: the case of Ukraine
PRESENTER: Iryna Sotnyk

ABSTRACT. While implementing state support mechanisms for renewable energy deployment, each country faces the problem of assessing and forecasting their consequences and must timely adjust their set to ensure sustainable energy development. The article estimates the price for sustainable development of renewable energy sector on the example of Ukraine based on evaluating the effectiveness of the key mechanism of state support for the industry advancement - the feed-in tariff. The comparison of feed-in tariff rates with the LCOE indicators for the electricity generated from solar and wind power plants has shown that the current feed-in tariffs for two of the most popular renewable energy technologies are inflated several times and do not meet global trends in reducing the cost of electricity generated by these technologies. The consequence of applying economically unreasonable tariffs is the annual over-expenditures of the state budget of Ukraine, which recently count hundreds of millions of euros. In the context of the country’s growing green energy generation, the conditions for further use of the feed-in tariff and the transition to other state support mechanisms are substantiated.

Application of fuzzy time series forecasting approach for predicting an enterprise net income level

ABSTRACT. To ensure the sustainable development of an enterprise, it is necessary to properly analyze the enterprise development, to ground the plans and management decisions on effective diagnostics and prediction of current and future economic situation at the enterprise. The article presents a study on the application of fuzzy time series forecasting methods. A new approach is applied to forecasting an enterprise's net income using a fuzzy technique. For testing the methodology, there were used statistical data on the enterprise net income level of the Ukrainian enterprise from 2002 to 2017. In the method of Stevenson and Potter, it is proposed to use as the universe of discourse, in the process of applying the method for all defined fuzzy sets, the intervals of variation of such indicator as growth rate. The same background as in Stevenson and Porter’s model is used in this article for forecasting the time series levels using the growth rates of the actual data as the universe of discourse. The forecasting results, obtained by this approach, are supposed to have more accuracy rate than other fuzzy time series models. Some modifications of this technique are proposed to obtain a higher accuracy rate and a point forecast one step forward.

Organizational and economic mechanisms of qualitative modeling of sustainable development of the enterprise

ABSTRACT. In modern conditions the successful operation of enterprises and maintaining the sustainability of their development depend on the adaptive model of strategic management of the enterprise. The development of such a model using traditional econometric approaches was proposed in the paper. It was suggested by the authors to take into account the prerequisites and specifics of operating activities using the method of PLS (Partial Least Squares), when it is possible to find several important (result) indicators out by the transition from the original set of features to the set of major components of a smaller dimension while maintaining causal relationships allows. The PLS-PM model of sustainable development of the mining enterprise as a complex economic system was done. The essence of latent variables and the relationship between them were identified and substantiated as well as the numerical modeling was performed using the methods of scientific generalization and abstraction.

Catastrophes, fractals and chaos in geoengineering and water treatment systems
PRESENTER: Igor Yeremeyev

ABSTRACT. The present paper provides the assessing scale of the actual state of the geoengineering complexes and the model for predicting the behavior of supporting structures. To predict accidents in geoengineering and water treatment facilities it is proposed to apply the results of the theory of catastrophe theory, fuzzy sets, chaos theory and the theory of possibilities for the selection of optimal models of system behavior for a particular situation. It is shown that determination the limit boundaries in which the operation of the system can exist is impossible without the consideration of geoengineering treatment facilities and their components as fractal structures, functioning under conditions of "chaos". To minimize risks of damages of sewage geoengineering systems the monitoring with measurement of the toxic gases concentration and comparing it with the obtained one should be provided. The use of models of internal and external corrosion which includes the elements of the theory of fuzzy sets helps to evaluate completely the state of water supply and treatment facilities network.

The Intergovernmental Relations and their Regulation in the Context of Decentralization of Fiscal Policy

ABSTRACT. The suspension of economic relations as a result of the global pandemic has severely affected the country’s peripheries. Unequal development of territorial units and overcoming socio-economic problems is the biggest challenge of any country. To address these challenges, the country needs to mobilize large amounts of finance and make optimal allocations. Intergovernmental relations play an important role in the effective implementation of the transformation of the country's economic and political system. The aim of the paper is to study the characteristics of revenue mobilization and distribution between the levels of the fiscal system. There are developed some recommendations for improving inter-budgetary relations based on the experience of different countries. The recommendations proposed as a result of the research analysis can be used for both theoretical (for lecture) and practical (for legislative) purposes.

12:00-15:20 Session 18B: ICSF 2021 Track 6: Sustainable Environment and Environmental Management
Determining the parameters of a shunting locomotive taking into account the environmental component
PRESENTER: Olha Kletska

ABSTRACT. The article considers the issues of determining the main technical and economic indicators of the shunting locomotive during its modernization by a hybrid power plant. The analysis of scientific and practical works on the impact of railway transport on the environment and increase the efficiency of shunting locomotives due to design changes, which are aimed at reducing emissions. A model has been developed to determine the rational ecological and energy characteristics of a shunting locomotive, which has been modernized by technical means for energy saving taking into account the ecological component. A procedure, algorithm and program for calculating locomotive parameters have been developed. The main parameters of the shunting locomotive of the ChME3 type at modernization by its hybrid power plant taking into account an ecological component are defined and the estimation of expediency of such modernization is given.

Models of the optimal distribution of fertilizers and vehicles in grain production

ABSTRACT. The paper considers models of optimal distribution of fertilizers and vehicles in grain production. All currently known methods for solving the problem of fertilizer distribution, taking into account computer-aided implementation programs, can be divided into two groups: based on iterative models; optimization. In the first case, the algorithm of the preferred saturation method is used, in the second - the simplex method. Thus, in solving the optimization problem, factors describing the effect on yield were more fully taken into account than in traditional planning. This made it possible to distribute mineral fertilizers between farms in accordance with the characteristics of their soils. With the help of ground equipment, mineral fertilizers are applied, chemical pest and plant disease control is carried out, weed vegetation is destroyed in grain crops. The optimal plan for the use of machine and tractor fleet can only be determined using optimization methods, since the composition of machines and tractors and their possible use have such a large number of options that it is almost impossible to simply sort them out and select the best. Further, the algorithm and the solution to the problem of optimal distribution of vehicles in grain production are considered.

Perspectives for usage of adsorption semiconductor sensors based on Pd/SnO2 in environmental monitoring of carbon monoxide and methane emission
PRESENTER: George Fedorenko

ABSTRACT. Nanosized semiconductor sensor materials with different palladium contents were obtained via zol-gel technology. Morphology and phase composition of nanosized sensor materials based on tin dioxide with palladium additives have been studied. Adsorption semiconductor sensors based on Pd/SnO2 nanomaterials were found to be highly sensitive to presence of CO and CH4 in air ambient. Higher responses to CO of Pd-containing sensors in comparison with their responses to CH4 were explained by higher reaction activity of CO in catalytic oxidation reaction. Differences in sensitive properties of the sensors to methane and carbon monoxide were explained by differences in catalytic activity of Pd/SnO2 nanomaterials in reactions of methane and carbon monoxide oxidation on surfaces of the gas sensitive layers of the sensors.

Technological, agronomical and economic efficiency of new organic and organo-mineral soil amendments

ABSTRACT. The intensification of crop production coupled with current declining soil fertility needs proper plant nutrition management and improved effectiveness of fertilizer use. Sustainable practices providing new soil amendments could be a useful tool to improve soil fertility and crop productivity causing economic benefits. The technology of processing local raw materials (leonardite, bentonite, and molasses) was developed to produce new soil amendments with optimal physical and chemical properties and to meet the needs of a particular crop in the nutrients. The best ratio of components was proved in a model experiment with an estimation of the full cost of final organic and organo-mineral soil amendments. In a field experiment, the effect of new soil amendments on available nutrients in chernozem podzolic and corn yield was studied. Two doses and methods of application (banding and broadcasting) of new soil amendments were compared taking into account its economic efficiency. Development of technologies to improve fertilizing properties of local organic materials, compliance to recommended doses, and methods of soil inputs application could increase the efficiency of crop production emerging environmental and economic benefits.

Woody artificial plantations as a significant factor of the sustainable development at mining & metallurgical area

ABSTRACT. The relevance of our research is determined by the need to find practical measures that will be aimed of the sustainable development formation and maintenance at mining and metallurgical areas by used of artificial woody plantation. The main objective of this work was on the standpoint of the ecosystem approach to consider the artificial woody plantations as a significant factor for sustainable development paradigm implementation at Kryvyi Rih mining and metallurgical district (Central Ukraine). Therefore, these species lose stability due to the constant influence of adverse environmental factors of natural and anthropogenic genesis. The authors assume that the biogeochemical parameters of trees fallen can be considered one of the promising markers that determine the vitality / healthy of tree species and forecast the development of artificial woody plantations. It has been suggested that the artificial woody plantations at Kryvyi Rih mining and metallurgical area should acquire the status of one of the key factors that determine the sustainable development of this district and Ukraine as a whole. In practice, to achieve this goal, the following steps must be taken: (i) artificial woody plantation assessment, (ii) ecological and environment conditionality of artificial woody plantation current state ascertainment, (iii) sustainable model of artificial woody plantation development, (iv) sustainable management of artificial woody plantation, (v) sustainable development of artificial woody plantation. In the near future, it is recommended to optimize the Kryvyi Rih forest cover by 8-10%. The first step in streamlining and preliminary assessment of the artificial forest ecosystems sustainability is the use of biogeochemical indicators of the chemical circulation system relationship "Leaf precipitation - soil" as markers and predictors of the artificial forest current state in Kryvyi Rih District.

Population structure and symbiotic relationships of the invasive species Sinanodonta woodiana (Lea, 1834) in water bodies of Ukraine

ABSTRACT. Understanding the process of penetration and distribution of the invasive species Sinanodonta woodiana is important for predicting associated changes in biodiversity and the structure of freshwater communities. The biomass, density, age and sex structure of mollusk populations were analyzed. An increase in the size of Chinese pond mussels was noted after the introduction: the shell length of individuals from a pond (Romanivka village, 2017) was 24,2% more than of mollusks from the Velyka Repida river (Matroska village, 2004), and in 2019 it increased by another 14,7% (by 42,5% compared to the shell length of the mollusks from the Velyka Repida river). The body weight of S. woodiana from the river was 125,3 g, while in the pond there was a 2,13-fold increase in body weight in 2017, with a further increase in this indicator by another 23,6% in 2019 and another 37,7% in 2020. The relative number of S. woodiana and native species Unio pictorum and Anodonta anatina in 2017 was 26,3%, 47,4% and 26,3%, in 2020 – 64,0%, 16,0% and 20,0% respectively. Ciliates of the genus Conchophthirus and Trichodina, Aspidogaster conchicola, Helobdella stagnalis, larvae of Chironomus sp. are in a symbiotic relationship with S. woodiana. The most common Conchophthirus sp. – in 21,6% of individuals. Further spread of S. woodiana to the cold regions of Ukraine and the formation of new populations in the already developed regions should be expected.

Long-term assessment, modeling and forecast of salinity conditions of reclaimed mine dumps of Western Donbass

ABSTRACT. The neutralization of toxic mine rocks with additional of soil and loess like loam mass leads to a significant decreasing of salts migration at the contact zone. The mathematical model was working out follow general principle where mine rock is pollution source, but soil and loess like loam take place as volumetric filter for water-soluble salts. MathCAD file with commands for solving the problem forecasting the process of vertical salinization of reclaimed minelands was developed. The prospect for the numerical model using up to the most accepted range of values with experimental data shown. The irrigation of reclaimed minelands in the Western Donbass possible in the case of the dilution of the mine waters of aquifers with the Samara river water.

Removal of Cr(VI) from wastewater by silver-loaded natural clinoptilolite

ABSTRACT. Presence of hexavalent chromium, Cr(VI), in water is an important environmental and human health problem. Natural zeolites are widely accepted as non-expensive adsorbents for sustainable remediation, however they are not effective in removing metals in anionic form. The paper presents study on use of silver (Ag) modified natural clinoptilolite to immobilize Cr(VI) ions from model and real neutral to slightly alkaline wastewater. Increasing the initial pollutant concentration increases the removed amount (80 % removal from model wastewater in 45 min at initial concentration of 30 mg Cr(VI)/L). The pseudo-second order kinetic equation best describes the Cr(VI) immobilization by the Ag-modified zeolite, which is indicative for the chemical nature of the rate-limiting step of the process. The data obtained are best fitted to the Freundlich adsorption isotherm. The Ag-modified clinoptilolite removes in 30 min over 80 % of Cr(VI), over 75 % of Cu(II) and over 70 % of Zn(II) that present simultaneously in an industrial wastewater. Due to its ability to remove Cr(VI) species, in combination with some heavy metal ions, some organic pollutants and exhibited antibacterial activity, silver loaded clinoptilolite seems to be a possible multifunctional reagent in the water and wastewater treatment and deserves further investigation.


ABSTRACT. The case study to determine the peculiarities of Miscanthus giganteus aboveground biomass formation depending on sewage sludge and composts rate carried out in the Precarpathian region of Ivano-Frankivsk province on sod-podzolic soils. The largest area of the leaf surface of miscanthus is formed in the trials where fresh sewage sludge was applied in the rate of 20 - 40 t/ha. The leaf surface area increases from 19 up to 24.0 cm2/plant, and the yield of raw mass of plants at the level of 23.5 - 25.1 t/ha due to increasing rates of sewage sludge application. The highest indicators of net photosynthesis productivity were found in the period of intensive growth, which amounted to 7.78 g/m²/day and in the maturation period of 7.56 g/m²/day in the trial SS - 40 t/ha + N10P14K58. The amount of dry mass of miscanthus plants significantly depends on the height of the shoot and the leaf surface area of the plants. The use of compost based on sewage sludge and straw in a ratio of 3: 1 at a rate of 30 t/ha contributes to the dry weight of miscanthus plants at the level of 15 t/ha.

Forecasting of the number of bird collisions with turbines in the territory of Pre-Azov region wind park using the route census method

ABSTRACT. The information system has been designed to ensure the analysis of information on the monitoring results of the wind power plant (WPP) territory using the route census method. The database contains 48 fields, reflecting the monitoring results of birds’ behavior in the territory of WPP and processing the initial data: year, month and day of observation, a number of birds of this species, flight altitude, flight speed, direction of flight, coordinates of the bird registration point on the Google-map, average number of birds flying over the territory of the wind park at a given time, coordinates of the points of intersection of the bird flight path with the perimeter of the wind park or observation site, the length of bird flight path over the observation site, and other parameters. The analysis of distribution of birds in the territory of the "Primorsk-1" WPP according to the types of migration (forage, transit, nesting, and ground), direction of flight and altitude characteristics has been carried out. The total number of registered birds was 8927 specimens of 72 species, of which 802 specimens of 11 species were referred to the transit type, 2511 specimens of 32 species – to the forage type, 5614 specimens of 60 species were on the ground (ground type). Most birds (63%) belong to the ground type. 28% of birds were registered in the forage group, 9.0% of birds were flying in transit. The greatest activity of birds is manifested in the autumn migration season, when the transit group accounts for 77% of all annual transit flights. The proportion of birds of forage and ground types, registered in autumn, is 68% and 74%, respectively, of the total number of birds registered in autumn. In the group of ground birds, the overwhelming majority of specimens belong to the period of autumn migration (4141 or 74%). The least number was observed in the winter season (317 birds or 5.6%). The author proposes a mathematical model for analyzing birds’ interaction with turbines using the results of monitoring the territory of wind power plants by means of route census method. The model makes it possible to obtain information on the probability of different species of bird collisions with wind wheels and the number of collisions with turbines, depending on the flight characteristics of birds, parameters of wind parks and observation conditions in different seasons. In the risk zone of birds’ interaction with turbines, only specimens of one species, Buteo buteo, were observed. The calculated probability of one bird collision when passing through the wind wheel is 0.19. The anticipated number of bird collisions with turbines during one year of the "Primorsk-1" wind park functioning is in the range of 5.6÷6.7 specimens.