Sergey Ivanov
Affiliation: Zaporizhia National University
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Ivanov S.M. was born on July 29, 1990. He studied until the 4th grade at the lyceum №34, and then, after moving to the Khortytsky district, he graduated from the multidisciplinary lyceum №99.

Upon entering the university, he had the opportunity to immediately enter the budget for computer systems and networks of ZNTU and economic cybernetics of ZNU. He chose cybernetics because of the greater scope of knowledge and skills of the specialist. He graduated with a master's degree in 2012 with honors.

Higher education: in 2012 he graduated with a master's degree from Zaporizhzhia National University with honors in "Economic Cybernetics.

In 2016 he defended his dissertation on the specialty 08.00.11 – mathematical methods, models and information technology in economics on "Methods and models for evaluating the economic efficiency of investment Internet projects."

He is currently an associate professor at the Department of Economic Cybernetics, Zaporizhzhia National University.

He has 7 years of teaching experience:

  • from 2012 to 2015 graduate student and lecturer at Zaporizhzhia National University,
  • from 2016 to 2018, a lecturer at the Department of Economic Cybernetics,
  • from 2018 to 2019, a senior lecturer at the Department of Economic Cybernetics,
  • since 2019, Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Economic Cybernetics.