Аngela Kutova
Affiliation: National Scientific Center “Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named fater O.N. Sokolovsky”
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Angela Kutova, Date of birth 12/09/1983. Nationality Ukrainian

Senior Researcher in National Scientific Center “Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky” (NSC ISSAR) 

Results of scientific research are published in 72 scientific and technical papers.

1 patented technologies was developed. The main publications are the following:

  1. Agrotechnology of fertility enhancement and productivity of crops due to new types of fertilizers: [recommendations] / Skrylnyk Ie. V., Kutova А. М., Moskalenko V. P., Hetmanenko V. A.; for ed. Ie. V. Skrylnyk - Kh.: Print house “PrintHous”, 2016. – 20 p.
  2. Kutova А.N. The influence of the agrochemical background of chernozem podzolized on the microelement composition of winter wheat grains // Bulletin of LNAU. 2017. № 21. P. 193-198.
  3. Skrylnyk Ie., Hetmanenko V., Kutova A. Rebuilding organic matter in Ukrainian chernozems through the use of organic amendments. Eastern European Chernozems: International Scientific Conference, 2-3 October. 2019. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. P. 277-281.
  4. Skrylnyk Ie., Kutova A., Hetmanenko V. Obtaining organic fertilizer from renewable plant materials // Agricultural Science and Practice. 2019. № 8 P. 5-10.
  5. Skrylnyk Ie., Kutova A., Hetmanenko V. The influence of fertilization systems on soil organic matter and agrochemical parameters of  black soil // Journal of Agrochemistry and Soil Science. 2019. № 88 P. 74-78.
  6. Awards, NGO activities, international experience: The member of Public Organization "Ukrainian Society of Soil Scientists and Agrochemists", the member of European Society for Soils Protection (ESSC).