Ievhen Skrylnyk
Affiliation: NSC Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry
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Family name:                   Skrylnyk

                                               First name(s):                 Ievgen

                                               Date of birth:                 14/09/1952

                                               Nationality:                    Ukrainian

                                               Organization:                National Scientific Center  “Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named afterO.N. Sokolovsky” (NSC ISSAR)

                                              Present position:            Head of Organic Fertilizers and Humus Laboratory




Institution                                National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev at Kharkiv

Degree                                      MSc (Irrigation and drainage, water management)

Institution                                National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky»

Degrees                                    PhD in Agrochemistry; Doctor of Science (Agrarian science)

Professional experience:

Date          Company    Position           Description

1983 – 1985                  ISSAR             Post-graduate student   Development of scientific and technological bases of complex solid and liquid organic fertilizer by processing of livestock farming waste.

1985 – 1988                  ISSAR             Scientific employee      Development of agricultural techniques organic wastes application for irrigation and crops fertilization.

1988 – 1992                  ISSAR             Senior Researcher          Development of technologies of biostimulants and liquid organic fertilizers production from conditional organic materials and methods of production of complex organic-mineral fertilizers. Development of scientific bases of organic matter transformation of crop residues and fertilizers in soil.

1992 – present     ISSAR    Head of laboratory,

Senior Researcher        Development of basic model of humus formation for soil fertility restoration on the principles of non-deficit balance of humus. Monitoring of agrochemical and humus status of soils and development of technologies for their recovery. Development of standards of unstable humus forms formation under the influence of local organic resources. Development of standards of complex organic-mineral fertilizers application for different soil and climatic conditions.


Publications and R&D activity

Results of scientific research are published in more than 300 scientific and technical papers. 12 patented technologies are developed. The main publications are the following:

1.   Skrylnyk Ie.V. The impact of different fertilization systems on content, composition, energy intensity of organic matter in chernozem soil // Agricultural Science and Practice. 2016. № 2. P. 49-55.

2.   Skrylnyk Ie.V., Tovstyi Iu.M. Changes in the content and quality of humus in chernozem podzolized after the application of manure and compost on its basis // Soil Science and Agrochemistry. 2018. № 1. P. 34-46.

3. Conformational rearrangements of chernozem humic acid superstructure, depending on soil treatment methods / Ie.V. Skrylnyk, M.A. Popirniy, О.Т. Nikolov // Izvestiya of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. 2018. V. 63. № 2. С. 209-221.

4. Skrylnyk Ie., Kutova A., Hetmanenko V. The influence of fertilization systems on soil organic matter and agrochemical parameters of black soil // Journal of Agrochemistry and Soil Science. 2019. № 88. P. 74-78.

Main international and/or national R&D projects that were carried out under Ie. Skrylnyk leadership:

  1. Project of National Fund for fundamental researches of Ukraine «Development of theoretical bases and principles of formation of modern types of fertilizers due to agrochemical properties of organic materials» (1994-1995)
  2. Project of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS) of Ukraine «Fertility, protection and ecology of soils» (2006-2010)

3. Project of NAAS of Ukraine «Organic production of agricultural products» (2011 - up-to-date).

4. Project of NAAS of Ukraine «Soil Resources: sustainable use and management» (2016 - up-to-date).

5. Project of FAO "Technology of Organic and Organo-mineral Amendments Production and Application for Soil Organic Carbon Management" (2019 - up-to-date)

Awards, NGO activities and international experience:

The fellow of Kharkiv Regional State Administration as outstanding scientist in agrarian field in 2019. The member of European Society for Soils Protection (ESSC). The member of ESSC and Public Organization "Ukrainian Society of Soil Scientists and Agrochemists". International cooperation with institutions from Italy, China, Hungary, Poland, Belarus and other.