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Hidetomo Nabeshima, Tsubasa Fukiage, Yuto Obitsu, Xiao-Nan Lu and Katsumi InoueDPS: A Framework for Deterministic Parallel SAT SolversPOSAug 01 11:30
Mathias Fleury and Armin BiereScalable Proof Producing Multi-Threaded SAT Solving with Gimsatul through Sharing instead of Copying ClausesPOSAug 01 12:00
Randal Bryant and Mate SoosCombining CDCL, Gauss-Jordan Elimination, and Proof GenerationPOSAug 01 14:30
Isaac Grosof, Naifeng Zhang and Marijn HeuleTowards the shortest DRAT proof of the Pigeonhole PrinciplePOSAug 01 15:00
Tim Holzenkamp, Kevin Kuryshev, Thomas Oltmann, Lucas Wäldele, Johann Zuber, Tobias Heuer and Markus IserSATViz: Real-Time Visualization of Clausal ProofsPOSAug 01 16:00
Faiq Miftakhul Falakh and Sebastian RudolphAGM Revision in Description Logics Under Fixed-Domain SemanticsDLAug 08 11:00
Tim Lyon and Jonas KargeUniform and Modular Sequent Systems for Description LogicsDLAug 09 10:15
Philippe Balbiani, Cigdem Gencer and Martin DiéguezAdvanced languages of terms for ontologiesDLAug 08 15:05
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Jean Christoph Jung, Andrea Mazzullo and Frank WolterMore on Interpolants and Explicit Definitions for Description Logics with Nominals and/or Role InclusionsDLAug 09 09:00
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Guendalina Righetti, Daniele Porello and Roberto ConfalonieriEvaluating the Interpretability of Threshold OperatorsDLAug 09 15:30
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Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Sebastian Rudolph and Hannes StrassModelling Multiple Perspectives by Standpoint-Enhanced DLsDLAug 07 16:50
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Christian Alrabbaa, Stefan Borgwardt, Tom Friese, Patrick Koopmann, Julián Méndez and Alexej PopovičOn the Eve of True Explainability for OWL Ontologies: Description Logic Proofs with Evee and EvonneDLAug 09 14:25
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Alex Borgida, Enrico Franconi, David Toman and Grant WeddellAccessing Document Data Sources using Referring Expression TypesDLAug 10 11:25
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Moritz Illich and Birte GlimmComputing Concept Referring Expressions with Standard OWL ReasonersDLAug 10 11:00
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Franz Baader, Patrick Koopmann, Friedrich Michel, Anni-Yasmin Turhan and Benjamin ZarriessEfficient TBox Reasoning with Value Restrictions using the FL0wer Reasoner (Extended Abstract)DLAug 08 16:00
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Haoruo Zhao, Bijan Parsia and Uli SattlerNext Steps for ReAD: Modules for Classification OptimisationDLAug 10 10:00
Fajar Haifani, Patrick Koopmann, Sophie Tourret and Christoph WeidenbachConnection-minimal Abduction in EL via translation to FOL (Extended Abstract)DLAug 08 10:00
Laura Giordano, Alberto Martelli and Daniele Theseider DupreReasoning about actions with EL ontologies in a temporal action theory (Extended Abstract)DLAug 08 17:15
Franz Baader, Patrick Koopmann, Francesco Kriegel and Adrian NuradiansyahOptimal ABox Repair w.r.t. Static EL TBoxes: from Quantified ABoxes back to ABoxes (Extended Abstract)DLAug 09 09:25
Mikkel Milo, Eske Hoy Nielsen, Danil Annenkov and Bas SpittersFinding smart contract vulnerabilities with ConCert's property-based testing frameworkFMBCAug 11 11:00
Martin Ceresa and Cesar SanchezMulti: a Formal Playground for Smart Multi-contract interactionFMBCAug 11 16:00
Andre Knispel, James Chapman, Orestis Melkonian and Polina VinogradovaHuman and machine-readable models of state machines for the Cardano ledgerFMBCAug 11 15:00
Polina Vinogradova, Manuel Chakravarty, Orestis Melkonian, Michael Peyton Jones, James Chapman, Tudor Ferariu and Jacco KrijnenDesigning EUTxO smart contracts as communicating state machines: the case of simulating accountsFMBCAug 11 12:00
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Ignacio Ballesteros, Clara Benac, Luis Eduardo Bueso, Lars-Åke Fredlund, Ángel Herranz and Julio MariñoAutomatic generation of attacker contracts in SolidityFMBCAug 11 11:30
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Aurélien Saue, Arvid Jakobsson and Kristina SojakovaFAT CAT: Formal Acceptance Testing of Contracts for Administering TokensFMBCAug 11 12:15
Cezara Dragoi, Constantin Enea, Srinidhi Nagendra and Mandayam SrivasA Domain Specific Language for Testing Consensus ImplementationsFMBCAug 11 14:30
Lea Salome Brugger, Laura Kovács, Anja Petković Komel, Sophie Rain and Michael RawsonAutomating Security Analysis of Off-Chain ProtocolsFMBCAug 11 16:30