Days: Tuesday, July 19th Wednesday, July 20th Thursday, July 21st Friday, July 22nd

Tuesday, July 19th

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10:00-11:15 Session 2: 2022 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award Address
Location: Zoom
Transportation and Participation as Foundations of Narrative Experiences (abstract)
12:45-13:45 Session 4: Symposium I: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Readers
Location: Flipgrid 4
Multimodal Transduction in Deaf Pedagogy (abstract)
PRESENTER: Michael Skyer
Definitions Writing and Multilingual Deaf Students: Building on Linguistic Strengths (abstract)
Sharpening the Analytic Lens to Explore Representations of Deaf People in Comics (abstract)
The Potential of Scientific Discourse for Deaf Students: A Systemic Functional Linguistic Analysis into a Scientific Translation Between English and American Sign Language (abstract)
Deaf Emergent Writers (abstract)
PRESENTER: Hannah Dostal
14:00-15:00 Session 5: Enhanced I: Comprehending Textual Inconsistencies
Location: Flipgrid 5
Does the RI-Val Model Also Apply to Illustrated Texts? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Pauline Frick
Reader Awareness in the Consistency Effect (abstract)
PRESENTER: Murray Singer
A Memory-Based Approach to Multiple Document Comprehension (abstract)
PRESENTER: Allison Sonia
How Does Drawing Affect Inconsistency Detection in Science Texts? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Kathryn Rupp
Wednesday, July 20th

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10:00-11:15 Session 7: Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award Address
Location: Zoom
Source, Perspective, and Representation: Reimaging Multiple Text Tasks to Promote Equity (abstract)
11:30-12:30 Session 8: Enhanced II: Expository Text Processing
Location: Flipgrid 8
Investigating Reading from Screens in the Context of Standards of Coherence (abstract)
Identifying the Sources of Difficulty in Reasoning Beyond the Text (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tricia Guerrero
Understanding Flexible Use of Comprehension Strategies: A Cluster Approach (abstract)
PRESENTER: Reese Butterfuss
Belief Change After Reading Predicts Argumentative Essay Content (abstract)
The Effects of Task Instructions on Text Processing and Learning (abstract)
PRESENTER: Bailing Lyu
12:45-13:45 Session 9: Roundtable II: Promoting Research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Society for Text and Discourse

Over the past two years, we have come together as a society to discuss issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  In these discussions, we have learned that we need to do more to promote research that addresses issues related to discourse processing and DEI.  In this roundtable, young scholars who conduct research that address issues of DEI will briefly discuss their programs of research.  We will then discuss the synergies that exist between their programs of research and research on discourse processes.  We hope to identify new areas of research that can be promoted in keynote addresses, symposia, and invited papers and special issues of Discourse Processes.

Location: Zoom
14:00-15:00 Session 10: Enhanced III: Misinformation & Misconceptions
Location: Flipgrid 10
Testing the Effects of Refutations and Summaries on Understanding (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lamorej Roberts
The Influence of Emotions and Beliefs on the Comprehension of Texts About Climate Change (abstract)
PRESENTER: Carly Mastrian
Familiar False Facts vs. Novel Truths: The Influence of Readers’ Background Knowledge on Processing and Acquiring False Information (abstract)
The Dynamic Nature of Source Credibility and Impacts on Knowledge Revision (abstract)
PRESENTER: Victoria Johnson
How Susceptible Are You? The Effects of Feedback and Monitoring on the Influence of False Information (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikita Salovich
Thursday, July 21st

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11:30-12:30 Session 13: Enhanced IV: Assessment and Individual Differences
Location: Flipgrid 13
Exploring Narrative and Expository Elaborative Inferences with MOCCA-College (abstract)
PRESENTER: Amanda Dahl
How Lexical Properties of Test Items Impact Adolescent and Adult Learner Text Processing (abstract)
PRESENTER: John Sabatini
Tracing the Locus of Gender-Related Differences in Sourcing (abstract)
PRESENTER: Sarit Barzilai
The Influence of Individual Differences and Connective Features on Connective Comprehension (abstract)
PRESENTER: Merel Scholman
Foundational Reading Skills and Learner Characteristics in an Adult Literacy Intervention (abstract)
PRESENTER: John Hollander
12:45-13:45 Session 14: Symposium II: Health Literacy
Location: Flipgrid 14
Health Literacy and Adults with Low Basic Skills (abstract)
PRESENTER: Iris Feinberg
Addressing Health Literacy in an Intervention for Caregivers of Children with Medical Technology (abstract)
PRESENTER: Regena Spratling
Perception Vs Reality: The Use of Teach-Back by Medical Residents (abstract)
Culturally Competent and Health Literate Communications Training for Nursing Students (abstract)
Actionability, Understandability and Quality of COVID-19 Vaccine YouTube Videos: Health Literacy Considerations (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jamie Bernhardt
14:00-15:00 Session 15: Enhanced V: Multiple Document Comprehension
Location: Flipgrid 15
The Relationship Between ToM and Multiple Document Comprehension in University Students (abstract)
Comprehension and Critique: An Examination of Students’ Evaluations of Information in Texts (abstract)
Working Memory Capacity as a Predictor of Single and Multiple Text Comprehension (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lena Hildenbrand
Improving Multiple-Document Integration by Supporting Thinking Dispositions: a Randomized Control Trial (abstract)
Language Teachers' Intertextual Integration Skills: Different Manifestations of Integration (abstract)
PRESENTER: Liron Primor
Friday, July 22nd

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July 22, 2022 is simply a placeholder for our online program: There are no synchronous presentations on this date. Please view the ST&D flipgrid page at to view the asynchronous Flipgrid presentations using the code: ST&D2022! Participants will need to use or create a free Google or Microsoft account.

08:00-09:00 Session 17: Standard I: Assessment
Location: Flipgrid 17
Assessing Inference Making with the Minnesota Inference Assessment (MIA) (abstract)
PRESENTER: Kyle Stagnaro
Oral reading fluency changes captured in electronic shared book reading (abstract)
PRESENTER: Zuowei Wang
Using the Cloze Test to Create Assessments of Interdisciplinary Semantic Spaces (abstract)
Development of the ASOIM Reading Strategy Performance Assessment (abstract)
Examining Time-Related Behavioral Patterns for Low-Skilled Adults on a Digital Literacy Assessment (abstract)
PRESENTER: Elizabeth Tighe
10:00-11:00 Session 18: Standard II: Conversation & Discourse
Location: Flipgrid 18
Exploring the Sensitivity to Alternative Signals of Coherence Relations: The Case of French Speaking Teenagers (abstract)
This Dude Sent Me a Trumpet Emoji: On the Relationship Between Non-Face Emoji and Text Valence (abstract)
PRESENTER: Allison M. Arp
On the usage of stance marker "well" in self-repair (abstract)
Virtual Reality + Think-aloud: Assessing User Perceptions of the Interior Spaces (abstract)
The Role of Causal Connectivity and Note-taking Condition in the Comprehension of Spoken and Written Discourse about the Importance of Comprehensive Sex Education by Argentine College Students (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jazmín Cevasco
Do people repeat themselves more in monologue or dialogue? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Patrick Healey
A Simple Linear Model for Exploring Synchrony and Complementarity in Interpersonal Coordination (abstract)
Conversational Cohesion Across Contexts (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lauren Flynn
11:00-12:00 Session 19: Standard III: Digital Reading & Writing
Location: Flipgrid 19
Potential Impact of Intellectual Humility and Implicit Bias when Reading on the Internet (abstract)
PRESENTER: Taylor Clark
Access to Real-time Typing Shapes Perception of Collaborator’s Work Quality (abstract)
PRESENTER: Arielle Elliott
Do university students’ leisure time reading of printed and digital texts predict text comprehension? (abstract)
Partner keystrokes predict task-unrelated thought during computer-mediated conversations (abstract)
PRESENTER: Vishal Kuvar
Instant messaging multitasking while reading: a pilot eye-tracking study (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lidia Altamura
12:00-13:00 Session 20: Standard IV: Emotions & Moral Judgements
Location: Flipgrid 20
Using Appraisal Theory to Identify Textual Variations that Elicit Emotional Identification: A Typology (abstract)
Emotional Inferences Due to Framing and Composition During Think-Aloud Task with Non-Linguistic Graphic Narratives (abstract)
Visual art: The effect of verbal information on judgments of understanding, epistemic and aesthetic emotions. (abstract)
Up Close & Personal: The Effects of Psychological Distance on Moral Judgments (abstract)
PRESENTER: Zachary Brustman
The effects of foregrounding processing on empathic reactions in literary reading: preliminary results (abstract)
PRESENTER: Giulia Scapin
13:00-14:00 Session 21: Standard V: Inferences
Location: Flipgrid 21
Does scaffolding support inference-making in primary-grade students? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Hyejin Hwang
Advanced theory of mind and teenagers’ sourcing skills: specific role in intention attribution (abstract)
PRESENTER: Yann Dyoniziak
Recognising Satirical Intent in Satirical New Discourse: Effects Of Reading Behaviour And Need For Cognition (abstract)
Clause structure as an alternative cue for discourse relations (abstract)
PRESENTER: Marian Marchal
Exploring Good and Poor Comprehenders’ Local and Global Bridging Inference Generation to Causal Text (abstract)
PRESENTER: Sarah E. Carlson
14:00-15:00 Session 22: Standard VI: Learning & Instruction
Location: Flipgrid 22
Does Generation Benefit Learning With Texts? A Meta-Analytic Review (abstract)
PRESENTER: Julia Schindler
Scientific Reflection in Writing Tools (abstract)
PRESENTER: Vivian Zohery
Improving Evidence-Based Reasoning: Results from an Intervention (abstract)
“I can't tell if I did something good.”: Understanding Student Processing of Academic Feedback (abstract)
PRESENTER: Shelby Weisen
Exploring the Boundaries: When Explanation Activities do not Improve Comprehension (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jennifer Wiley
Does Combining Study Strategies Support Comprehension on Immediate Tests? (abstract)
PRESENTER: James Malloy
An experimental study of multiple reading strategies for self-direct reading in a digital learning environment (abstract)
15:00-16:00 Session 23: Standard VII: Inconsistencies & Misinformation
Location: Flipgrid 23
Belief Bias when Adolescents Read to Comprehend Multiple Conflicting Texts (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jason Braasch
University Students' Dialogues about Online COVID-19 Information (abstract)
PRESENTER: Maria Zimmermann
Text processing patterns for those who do or do not gain misinformation from multiple controversial texts about childhood vaccinations: A contrasting case studies approach (abstract)
PRESENTER: Virginia Troemel
Can Warnings Affect the Confidence Derived from Reading Explanatory Texts? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Amanda Withall
The effects of reading instruction on temporal coherence maintenance: Focusing on second language learners (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ryuya Komuro
16:00-17:00 Session 24: Standard VIII: Multiple Text Processing
Location: Flipgrid 24
Using PowerPoint to Assess Students’ Learning from Multiple Texts (abstract)
PRESENTER: Bailing Lyu
To evaluate or to justify: Do readers become less likely to construct a documents model after choosing a side among conflicting science texts? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Gaston Saux
Integrating information from multiple documents in primary school: An exploratory study (abstract)
College Students’ Source Monitoring Errors When Remembering Multiple Texts on a Controversial Socio-scientific Issue (abstract)
PRESENTER: Carlie Cope
In-text citations: Burden, benefit, or irrelevant for multiple text comprehension? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ali Fulsher
The Role of Topic Beliefs and Reading Skill When Evaluating Questionably Reliable Search Results (abstract)
17:00-18:00 Session 25: Standard IX: Narrative Experiences
Location: Flipgrid 25
Determinants of the Aesthetic Attitude during Reading (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lena Wimmer
How Character Knowledge Influences Comprehension Processing (abstract)
Adult readers making sense of picture stories: A contrastive case study (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tabitha Stickel
The effect of reading literary and popular fiction on different aspects of theory of mind (abstract)
PRESENTER: William Levine
An Examination of Multilingual Readers’ Experiences of Transportation in Narratives (abstract)
PRESENTER: Püren Öncel
18:00-19:00 Session 26: Standard X: Natural Language Processing & Corpus Analysis
Location: Flipgrid 26
Comprehension of Collocations In English and Spanish (abstract)
PRESENTER: Stephanie Diaz
Using sentence embeddings to predict text readability: A comparison (abstract)
PRESENTER: Scott Crossley
Narrative Writing from Users-in-the-Wild: A Computational Rhetorical Analysis (abstract)
Local and Global Referential Overlap in Texts Grounded in Readability Formulas (abstract)
PRESENTER: Joon Suh Choi
Examining Text Socialness of Children’s Books Using LIWC (abstract)
The relationship between POS tag and human judgment-based text readability score (abstract)
PRESENTER: Youngmeen Kim
Linguistic Indicators of Sourcing Strategies in Students’ Constructed Responses (abstract)
PRESENTER: Michelle Banawan
19:00-20:00 Session 27: Standard XI: Strategic Reading
Location: Flipgrid 27
Does speed-reading training work, and if so, why? Impact of speed-reading training and metacognitive training on reading speed, comprehension, and eye-movements (abstract)
PRESENTER: Marina Klimovich
Comparing metacomprehension in expository and informative narrative texts (abstract)
Comprehension strategy use: Differences across instructional prompts and education levels (abstract)
Impact of induction tasks on visual search for answer to questions in short texts by children aged 9-11 years (abstract)
PRESENTER: Sabine Févin
Learning from Expository and Informative Narrative Texts under Different Reading Goals (abstract)
PRESENTER: Scott Hinze
Coherence building processes while answering low and high-level questions from expository texts (abstract)
Improving deep reading comprehension through an intelligent tutoring system: does the role of strategy instruction matter? (abstract)
20:00-21:00 Session 28: Standard XII: Text Comprehension & Representation
Location: Flipgrid 28
Beyond the male-female dichotomy – How the non-binary asterisk influences gendered representations of persons (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lisa Zacharski
Does the gender asterisk ("Gendersternchen") as a special form of gender-fair language impair comprehensibility? (abstract)
PRESENTER: Marcus Friedrich
The effect of document sources on the evaluation of embedded sources and their claims when reading health information (abstract)
PRESENTER: Franco Londra
The Neurocognitive Bases of Word Identification and Word-to-Text Integration: Expository Text Reading in L1 and L2 (abstract)
PRESENTER: Chanyuan Gu
Scalar implicature and acceptance rating by first- and second-language speakers (abstract)
PRESENTER: Yuko Hijikata
Comparative constructions and COVID-19: Investigating comprehension and production (abstract)
PRESENTER: Elsi Kaiser
Persuasiveness of COVID vaccine messages: Consequences of pronominal form and personal opinion (abstract)