Underline Main Stage

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  • Session Opening (Oct 12 08:00-08:30)
  • Session K-Tue (Oct 12 08:30-09:00) Keynote1: Future Prospects of Semiconductor Memories- Advancements and Challenges - Chih-Yuan (C.Y.) Lu (Chairman and CEO, Ardentec Corp.)
  • Session KV-Wed (Oct 13 08:00-09:00) Keynote2: Refusing Limits in Technology Innovation, Ron Nersesian (Chairman, Pres. & CEO, Keysight); Visionary Talk1: Machine Learning and Corpus Design for EDA and Beyond, Jyh-Shing Roger Jang (CTO, E. Sun Financial Holding Co./Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTU)
  • Session KV-Thu (Oct 14 08:00-09:00) Keynote3: Addressing Design Challenges in the Era of SysMoore: From Architecture to Silicon Lifecycle Management, Shankar Krishnamoorthy (GM Digital Des Group), Visionary Talk2: Sport Technology Industry: A New Frontier for AI, 5G and Semiconductor (Dist. Chair Prof, NTHU/Senior VP ITRI/)