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The conference programme is divided into the following thematic tracks. Paper proposals are welcome that respond to the particular tracks. Additionally, papers may be proposed as part of the track „General Papers“, if they have a different topical focus. In particular cases the programme committee can, after consultation, allocate presentations to a different track.  A maximum of two abstracts per author will be accepted.

Track 1: Theory and Practice of the Critique of Law
Organised by Bijan Fateh-Moghadam (Basel), Elisabeth Holzleithner (Vienna) and Carl Jauslin (Basel)

Track 2: Abolishing Human Rights? –  “Shifting Borders” and Other Techniques of Creating Ex-territorial Legal Relations
Organised by Fatima Kastner (Bielefeld)

Track 3: Transformative Technologies
Organised by Bijan Fateh-Moghadam (Basel) and Susanne Beck (Hannover)

Track 4: Abandoning or strengthening the law in the welfare state?
Organised by Kurt Pärli (Basel) and Michael Wrase (Berlin/Hildesheim)

Track 5: Legal Mobilization
Organised by Gesine Fuchs (Luzern) and Alexander Graser (Regensburg)

Track 6: Law in the Media – Patterns and Effects
Organised by Stefan Machura (Bangor)

Track 7: The Law of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Law. Aspects of Law, Power, and Domination
Organised by Josef Estermann (Zurich)

Track 8: The law is dead – long live the law: on the self-abolition of law
Organised by Caroline Voithofer (Innsbruck) and Ines Rössl (Vienna)

Track 9: Abolition of law through informalisation, deformalisation and privatisation?
Organised by Kurt Pärli (Basel), Tobias Singelnstein (Bochum) and Walter Fuchs (Vienna)