GCAI 2015 / Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence

GCAI 2015 is an LRG conference.

LRG's mission is to bring together researchers worldwide to discuss advances in science, engineering and technology. We aim at organizing conferences all over the world where researchers from different countries and backgrounds can meet. This is what LRG wants to achieve:

  • Meeting not only in standard conference destination places, such as cities with large universities, but also in countries and cities with smaller research communities
  • Engagement with the local and regional research communities
  • Emphasis on cultural values, in addition to high research quality
  • Commitment to open access publishing, making the latest research results accessible to everybody

LRG affiliated conferences have the benefit of

  • networking with experienced conference organizers
  • using EasyChair tools for reviews, registration, and conference program generation

You can read more about LRG on the LRG home page.