Editor: Hélène Verhaeghe

Andrea Balogh and Barry O'SullivanSymmetry breaking and Knowledge CompilationAug 01 15:00
Nicolas Beldiceanu, Jovial Cheukam Ngouonou, Rémi Douence, Ramiz Gindullin and Claude-Guy QuimperExtended Abstract: Acquiring Maps of Interrelated Conjectures on Sharp BoundsAug 01 17:26
Auguste Burlats and Gilles PesantExploiting Model Entropy to Make Branching Decisions in Constraint ProgrammingAug 01 14:20
Vianney Coppé, Xavier Gillard and Pierre SchausSolving the Constrained Single-Row Facility Layout Problem with Decision Diagrams (Extended Abstract)Aug 01 12:21
Christopher Coulombe and Claude-Guy QuimperExtended Abstract: Constraint Acquisition Based on Solution CountingAug 01 17:23
Marco Dalla, Andrea Visentin and Barry O'SullivanAutomated SAT Problem Feature Extraction using 1 Convolutional AutoencodersAug 01 11:55
Augustin Delecluse, Pierre Schaus and Pascal Van HentenryckExtended Abstract: Sequence Variables for Routing ProblemsAug 01 10:23
Sharmi Dev Gupta, Begum Genc and Barry O'SullivanFinding Counterfactual Explanations through Constraint RelaxationsAug 01 14:40
Alexander Ek, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido TackExplaining Propagation for Gini and Spread with Variable Mean (Extended Abstract)Aug 01 17:20
Thibault Falque, Christophe Lecoutre, Bertrand Mazure and Hugues WattezAggressive Bound Descent for Constraint OptimizationAug 01 14:00
Thibault Falque and Romain WallonOn PB Encodings for Constraint ProblemsAug 01 16:40
Ramiz Gindullin, Nicolas Beldiceanu and Jovial Cheukam NgouonouA Boolean Formula Seeker in the Context of Acquiring Maps of Interrelated Conjectures on Sharp BoundsAug 01 17:00
Priyanka Golia, Subhajit Roy and Kuldeep S. MeelBoolean Functional Synthesis and its ApplicationsAug 01 16:20
Daphné Lafleur, Sarath Chandar and Gilles PesantCombining Reinforcement Learning and Constraint Programming for Sequence-Generation Tasks with Hard Constraints - Extended AbstractAug 01 10:26
Jimmy H. M. Lee and Allen Z. ZhongExploiting Functional Constraints in Automatic Dominance Breaking for Constraint Optimization (Extended Abstract)Aug 01 15:23
Jheisson López, Laura Climent and Alejandro ArbelaezLarge Neighborhood Search for Robust Solutions for Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Ordered DomainsAug 01 15:26
Xiao Peng, Olivier Simonin and Christine SolnonSolving the Non-Crossing MAPF for non point-sized robotsAug 01 10:00
Louis Popovic, Alain Côté, Mohamed Gaha, Franklin Nguewouo and Quentin CappartExtended Abstract for : Scheduling the Equipment Maintenance of an Electric Power Transmission Network using Constraint ProgrammingAug 01 10:20
Siddharth Prasad, Maria-Florina Balcan, Tuomas Sandholm and Ellen VitercikImproved Sample Complexity Bounds for Branch-and-CutAug 01 15:20
Isaac Rudich, Quentin Cappart and Louis-Martin RousseauPeel-and-Bound: Generating Stronger Relaxed Bounds with Multivalued Decision DiagramsAug 01 12:18
Rodothea Myrsini Tsoupidi, Roberto Castañeda Lozano, Elena Troubitsyna and Panagiotis PapadimitratosOptimized Code Generation against Power Side ChannelsAug 01 16:00
Felix Ulrich-Oltean, Peter Nightingale and James WalkerSelecting SAT Encodings for Pseudo-Boolean and Linear Integer ConstraintsAug 01 12:15
Ruiwei Wang and Roland YapCNF Encodings of Binary Constraint Trees (Extended Abstract)Aug 01 12:24