Editors: Kuldeep S. Meel, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Kristin Yvonne Rozier, Priyanka Golia and Suwei Yang

Anthony Widjaja LinData Path Queries over Embedded Graph DatabasesJul 31 09:50
Shufang ZhuLTLf Synthesis as AND-OR Graph Search: Knowledge Compilation at WorkJul 31 10:00
Mikhail SoutchanskiTowards Combination of Logic and Calculus for Near-Optimal Planning in Relational Hybrid SystemsJul 31 10:10
Jianwen LiSAT-based Reasoning Techniques for LTL over Finite and Infinite TracesJul 31 10:20
Aniello MuranoFormal Aspects of Strategic Reasoning in MASJul 31 11:00
Alan Khoja, Martin Kölbl, Stefan Leue and Rüdiger WilhelmiChecking Legal Contracts - On a Not So Usual Application of Mechanized LogicJul 31 11:10
Nir PitermanModelling with Reconfigurable Communication InterfacesJul 31 11:20
Giuseppe PerelliOn the Extraordinary Effectiveness of Logic in Strategic ReasoningJul 31 11:35
Munyque Mittelmann, Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano and Laurent PerrusselAutomated Synthesis of MechanismsJul 31 11:45
Natasha AlechinaSynthesis of plans for teams of manufacturing robotsJul 31 11:55
Joe HalpernThat's All I know: On the Effectiveness of Logic in Game TheoryJul 31 12:10
Thomas HenzingerBetween Determinism and NondeterminismJul 31 12:20
Sandeep Shukla A Short Talk Proposal for the VardiFest "On the Not So Unusual Effectiveness of Logic" Jul 31 12:30
Suguman BansalAutomata-Based Quantitative ReasoningJul 31 14:50
Antonio Di StasioLTLf Synthesis Under Environment SpecificationsJul 31 15:00
Lucas Martinelli TabajaraBoolean Synthesis via Decision DiagramsJul 31 15:10
Benjamin Bordais, Damien Busatto-Gaston, Shibashis Guha and Jean-Francois RaskinStrategy synthesis for Global Window PCTLJul 31 15:20
Hector GeffnerLogic and Languages for Representation LearningJul 31 16:00
Irun Cohen and Assaf MarronNatural AutoencodingJul 31 16:10
Luis LambFrom Logic to Neurosymbolic AIJul 31 16:20
Stefania Costantini, Andrea Formisano and Valentina PitoniAn Epistemic Logic for modelling Cooperative AgentsJul 31 16:30
Martin Charles GolumbicOn the Effectiveness of Logic in Algorithmic Graph TheoryJul 31 16:45
David HarelComputability and Complexity over Finite Unordered Structures; e.g., Graphs (1979-1982)Jul 31 16:55
Alessandro Cimatti, Luca Geatti, Nicola Gigante, Angelo Montanari and Stefano TonettaThe Safety Fragment of LTLAug 01 09:50
Ashutosh Trivedi, Fabio Somenzi and Mateo PerezAn Automata-Theoretic Approach to Model-Free Reinforcement LearningAug 01 10:00
Fabio MogaveroStrategy Logic: Origin, Results, and Open QuestionsAug 01 10:10
Maurizio LenzeriniRewriting of Regular Path Queries: The first paper of the four ItaliansAug 01 10:20
Diego CalvaneseRewriting, Answering, and Losslessness: A Clarification by the “Four Italians”Aug 01 11:00
Ichiro HasuoBisimulation Games Played in Fibered CategoriesAug 01 11:10
Andrea FerraraCapturing abscondingsAug 01 11:20
Samson AbramskyFrom Kochen-Specker to Feder-VardiAug 01 11:35
Georg GottlobData Complexity and Expressive Power of Ontological Reasoning FormalismsAug 01 11:45
Amit BhatiaLogic-driven approaches for smart, safe and energy-efficient aviationAug 01 11:55
Yong LiDivide-and-Conquer Determinization for B\"uchi AutomataAug 01 12:10
Ben Greenman, Sam Saarinen, Tim Nelson and Shriram KrishnamurthiLittle Tricky Logic: Misconceptions in the Understanding of LTLAug 01 12:20
Vijay Ganesh, Dhananjay Ashok, Christopher Srinivasa and Vineel NagisettyA Solver + Gradient Descent Training Algorithm for Deep Neural Network
Joel OuaknineAlgorithms, Complexity, Verification: From Cook and Karp to Vardi; or, a Brief Glimpse of the Skolem LandscapeAug 01 14:25
Leonid LibkinApproximations of Certain Answers in First-Order LogicAug 01 14:35
Eugenia TernovskaTowards Algebraic Techniques for Descriptive ComplexityAug 01 14:45
Victor VianuFixpoint Logics, Relational Machines, and Computational ComplexityAug 01 15:00
Marijn HeuleUnderstandable Proofs of UnsatisfiabilityAug 01 16:00
Eli Singerman, Gila Kamhi, Ranan Fraer and Avner LandverMoshe Vardi and Intel Corporation: Long and Fruitful CollaborationAug 01 15:20
Yoram MosesA Toast for Moshe at the FLoC VardiFestAug 01 15:30
Supratik ChakrabortyTo Count or Not to Count: A Personal PerspectiveAug 01 15:10
Mahesh ViswanathanVerifying Accuracy Claims of Differential Privacy AlgorithmsAug 01 16:45
Sharad MalikBridging Practice and Theory in SAT: Moshe Vardi the CatalystAug 01 16:55
Giuseppe De GiacomoLTLf? It's Easy! Precisely!
Kuldeep S. Meel12 Years and Counting: Samples from My Undergraduate Research Projec
Sasha RubinTrace-view vs Strategy-view of the Environment in Reactive Synthesis