Twenty three years ago, the seminal symposium titled "On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic", co-organized by Prof. Moshe Y. Vardi, sought to explore the unusual effectiveness of logic in computer science at that time. Since then, logic’s centrality in computer science has only been further enhanced. Therefore, with the hindsight of twenty three years, today’s researchers will not be faulted for concluding that the logic’s effectiveness is not so unusual after all. Vardi has been a leader guiding the community in enabling the ongoing revolution fueled by logic.This workshop, titled "VardiFest: On the not so unusual effectiveness of Logic", sought to  celebrate the pioneering role of Vardi and will bring together researchers from diverse communities, representing both the diversity of the role played by Logic and the breadth and depth of Vardi’s contributions. We decided to have the workshop follow the model of "Highlights" conferences so as to allow as many participants as possible: a necessity given that DBLP lists over 340 co-authors of Vardi as of July 2022 . Following a public call for presentations, we selected 52 abstracts along with five invited talks by Rajeev Alur, Ronald Fagin, Lydia Kavraki, Orna Kupferman, Pierre Wolper, and Phokion Kolaitis.  As expected, the organizers were forced to forgo their speaking slots due to lack of t but have their talk abstracts accompanied in this volume. Day 1 was followed by dinner at Almog while Day 2  (and  the workshop) concluded with an exciting talk by Moshe Vardi, titled "How to be an ethical computer scientist". The talk was broadcast live with webinar support provided by the Department of Computer Science at Rice University.We thank everyone who contributed to making VardiFest a success. We wish to thank Jiong Yang for maintaining the workshop’s website, Suguman Bansal for creating the slideshow of photos of Vardi over the years, Priyanka Golia, Thanh Tung Duong Huynh, and Suwei Yang for assisting in printing of this volume. We are also grateful to Suguman Bansal, Dror Fried, Mate Soos, Giuseppe Perelli, Aditya Shrotri, Shufang Zhu for capturing special moments of VardiFest. Special thanks goes to the organizers of FLoC, in particular to Orna Grumbergand Eran Yahav, for coordinating the various conferences and taking care of the local arrangements.

We gratefully thank the sponsors of SAT 2022: Amazon and VCLA. Thank you.

Giuseppe De Giacomo
Kuldeep S. Meel
Kristin Yvonne Rozier
July 16, 2022