Gail Denise Parker
Affiliation: Global Centre for Academic Research
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Dr Gail Denise Parker is a research methodologist with more interest in Social Sciences, focusing on land, agriculture, leadership and women empowerment.  Her research covers epistemologies focused on indigenous ontologies covering place attachment, self- determination theory and self- efficacy amongst previously disadvantaged and rural communities.  Her PhD study, entitled Instilling Value-Significance in Land Ownership in The Northern Cape Province, sought to encourage and help engage beneficiaries of the land reform programme in the Northern cape Province, South Africa, regarding the benefits of land ownership, usage and productivity for sustainable livelihoods.  At South Valley University/Global Centre for Academic Research she is involved in developing pedagogies and supervision of masters and doctoral students.

Dr Parker continues to participate in research activities such as conferences, colloquia and publications. As a member of the Association of Research Methodologists (ARM), she plays a vital role in the scientific committee.  She is also involved in peer review and abstract supervision.  Through her passion and enthusiasm in research she has participated at the World Conference on Qualitative Research and the Asian Qualitative Research Association.