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29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse Online Program

July 9th - July 11, 2019; New York City, USA

The New School
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29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse 

2019 Conference Chairs

Michael Schober, The New School & Adrian Bangerter, University de Neuchâtel


2019 Program Review Committee

Laura Allen, Mississippi State University Andy Jarosz, Mississippi State University
Nick Benesh, Waldorf University Celia Klin, Binghamton University
Heather Bortfeld, University of California, Merced Blair Lehman, Educational Testing Service
Reese Butterfuss, University of Minnesota Bill Levine, University of Arkansas
Sarah Carlson, Georgia State University Haiying Li, ACT
Scott Crossley, Georgia State University Esther Lindström, Lehigh University
Delphine Dahan, University of Pennsylvania Alexandra List, The Pennsylvania State University
Srikanth Dandotkar, University of Southern Indiana Kathryn McCarthy, Georgia State University
Amy de Bruïne, Leiden University Matt McCrudden, The Pennsylvania State University
Irene-Anna Diakidoy, University of Cyprus Gregory Mills, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Peter Dixon, University of Alberta Henri Olkoniemi, University of Turku
Amalia Donovan, Northwestern University Vasile Rus, The University of Memphis
Andrew Elfenbein, University of Minnesota Nikita Salovich, Northwestern University
Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul, Utrecht University Andreas Schramm, Hamline University
Jean E. Fox Tree, University of California Emily Smith, Sienna College
Alexia Galati, University of North Carolina Charlotte Jesse Sparks, Educational Testing Service
Tricia Guerrero, University of Illinois at Chicago Greg Trevors, University of South Carolina
Yuko Hijikata, University of Tsukuba Eduardo Vidal-Abarca, University of Valencia
Scott Hinze, Middle Georgia State University Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois Chicago
W. Sid Horton, Northwestern University Michael Wolfe, Grand Valley State University
Maj-Britt Isberner, University of Kassel Marloes van Moort, Leiden University
Allison Jaeger, St. John’s University  

Welcome to New York City!

We are delighted to host the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse at The New School in Greenwich Village—the first time the conference has been held in New York City. This year’s meeting again promises to be an exciting cross-disciplinary showcase of new work by scholars from across the globe. Drawn from over 150 submitted proposals for symposia, papers, and poster presentations, the program represents innovation across a range of interlocking research topics.  Many thanks to this year's reviewers for their hard work and attention to detail, and many thanks to you – the contributors – for making this such a varied and stimulating program. 

Program highlights this year include three significant keynote presentations. Jane Oakhill, 2019 recipient of the society's Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, will present an overview of how children's reading comprehension develops; Sidney D’Mello, 2018 Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award recipient, will present on multimodal computational analyses of discourse; and special guest Eve Clark will present on how conversational repair contributes to language acquisition. Congratulations to Jason Braasch, recipient of the 2019 Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award, who will speak at next year's annual meeting. We are also excited about the two pre-conference workshop sessions on techniques for pushing our fields forward, one on data visualization techniques that can expand how we think about data in text and discourse led by Parsons Data Visualization program head Aaron Hill, and another on Bayesian alternatives to Null Hypothesis Significance Testing led by Tufts University discourse researcher J.P. de Ruiter.   

The program is jam-packed, but we hope you also find some time to enjoy being at The New School in this its centennial year and to explore its range of distinctive architecture and world-famous art collection. The New School is unlike any other American university, with five colleges (including Parsons School of Design) and a distinctive profile of offerings in social sciences, international affairs, liberal arts, history, and philosophy, as well as art, design, management, and performing arts. Founded in 1919 as The New School for Social Research by a group of prominent American intellectuals and educators seceding from Columbia University (including Charles Beard, John Dewey, James Harvey Robinson, and Thorstein Veblen), the university has been the first on many fronts over the years, from America's first continuing adult education programs to the first university-level courses in women's history and film history, and among the first college-level courses in photography and jazz.  If your schedule allows, please do sign up for one of the two curator-led tours of the university's site-specific art installations, including the world-famous Orozco Murals; if your schedule doesn't allow or there are no remaining spaces on the tours, we'll have a handout for self-guided tours of the installations within the University Center that you can use at any time.

We also hope you'll enjoy at least some of the many cultural and culinary opportunities near The New School, from legendary jazz clubs in the Village to world-class dining (at many price points!) and speakeasy cocktails, to great museums in striking distance with offerings as varied as the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Tenement Museum. If you have time and inclination, it can be fun just to wander through the immediate neighborhoods and those beyond, enjoy local parks (Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, Union Square, and—notable in the wake of the just-finished World Pride celebration—the national LGBTQ rights monument in front of the Stonewall Inn) and stroll the High Line. And of course the full array of New York City's touristic options can keep you busy much beyond the conference. If you are looking for recommendations, we have created the ST&D 2019 - NYC Dining and Drinks guide with some of our favorite suggestions!

Many thanks to Mike Mensink and Kate Bohn-Gettler, without whom this conference could not have happened, to Danielle McNamara for advocating for New York City as this year's site, and to all members of the Program Review Committee for their help. 

All the best wishes for a productive, fun, and safe conference!  (And please make sure to look both ways when crossing one of the many relatively new bike lanes—everyone's still getting used to them).

Michael Schober and Adrian Bangerter
Conference Chairs
29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse, 2019

Officers of the Society for Text & Discourse 


Danielle S. McNamara, Arizona State University 2013-2019


Joseph P. Magliano, Georgia State University 2019-2022

Governing Board

Catherine Bohn-Gettler, College of Saint Benedict-Saint John’s University 2013-2019
Johanna K. Kaakinen, University of Turku 2013-2019
David N. Rapp, Northwestern University 2013-2019
Joseph P. Magliano, Northern Illinois University 2014-2020
Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at Chicago 2014-2020
Keith Millis, Northern Illinois University 2015-2021
Paul van den Broek, Leiden University 2015-2021
Jason L. G. Braasch, U. of Memphis 2016-2022
Chantel Prat, University of Washington 2016-2022
Jane Oakhill, University of Sussex 2017-2023
Gale Sinatra, University of Southern California 2017-2023
M. Anne Britt, Northern Illinois University 2018-2024
Panayiota Kendeou, University of Minnesota 2018-2024
Kate Cain, Lancaster University 2019-2025
Mike Wolfe, Golden Valley State University 2019-2025

Ex Officio

Catherine (Kate) Bohn-Gettler, College of Saint Benedict-Saint John’s University Treasurer (2014-2020)
Emily Smith, Siena College Treasurer-elect (2020-2023)
Michael (Mike) C. Mensink, University of Wisconsin-Stout Secretary
David N. Rapp, Northwestern University Editor-in-Chief, Discourse Processes

Fellows of the Society for Text & Discourse 

New Fellows

Adrian Bangerter, University of Neuchâtel Jean E. Fox Tree, University of California Santa Cruz
Peter Foltz, University of Colorado Boulder Patrick Healey, Queen Mary University London


Current Fellows

Patricia A. Alexander, University of Maryland Keith Millis, Northern Illinois University
Richard C. Anderson, University of Illinois Jerome L. Myers, University of Massachusetts
Susan E. Brennan, State University of New York 
at Stony Brook
Leo G. M. Noordman, Tilburg University
M. Anne Britt, Northern Illinois University Jane V. Oakhill, University of Sussex
Kate Cain, Lancaster University Edward J. O’Brien, University of New Hampshire
Herbert H. Clark, Stanford University Herre van Oostendorp, University of Utrecht
Manuel de Vega, Universidad de La Laguna Charles A. Perfetti, University of Pittsburgh
Ivar Bråten, University of Oslo David N. Rapp, Northwestern University
Paul Drew, University of York Jean-François Rouet, Université de Poitiers
Alan Garnham, University of Sussex Ted J.M. Sanders, University of Utrecht
Simon Garrod, University of Glasgow Anthony J. Sanford, University of Glasgow
Morton A. Gernsbacher, University of Wisconsin-Madison Emanuel Schegloff, University of California, Los Angeles
Richard J. Gerrig, State University of New York at Stony Brook Michael F. Schober, New School for Social Research
Arthur M. Glenberg, Arizona State University Gale Sinatra, University of Southern California
Susan R. Goldman, University of Illinois at Chicago Murray Singer, University of Manitoba
Charles Goodwin, University of California, Los Angeles Tanya Stivers, University of California, Los Angeles
Arthur C. Graesser, University of Memphis Isabelle Tapiero, Université Lyon 2
Jeffrey T. Hancock, Stanford University Paul van den Broek, Leiden University
Walter Kintsch, University of Colorado Teun A. van Dijk, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
R. Brooke Lea, Macalester College Eduardo Vidal-Abarca, Universitat de Valencia
José Antonio León, Autónoma University of Madrid Wietske Vonk, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics-Nijmegen
Debra L. Long, University of California-Davis James F. Voss, University of Pittsburgh
Robert Jr. Lorch, University of Kentucky Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at Chicago
Joseph P. Magliano, Northern Illinois University Rolf A. Zwaan, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Gail McKoon, Ohio State University  
Danielle S. McNamara, Arizona State University  

30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse


Atlanta, USA; July 21 - July 23, 2020

Chair: Daphne Greenberg



31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse


Oslo, Norway; 2021

Chair: Ivar Bråten



Special ST&D 2019 Conference Issue Processes publishes an annual special issue focused on presentations (both spoken and poster) at the annual Society for Text & Discourse conference. 

We proudly invite members to view the 2018 Society for Text and Discourse Conference Special Issue, which was recently published based on work that appeared at the 2018 annual meeting in Brighton. 

We are pleased to continue this tradition and announce that a special issue, to appear in 2020, will be published representing work from the 2019 Society for Text & Discourse meeting in New York City. Papers submitted for consideration to the special issue will go through the regular review process, with the goal of accelerating that process given the intended publication timeline. This is an excellent opportunity to publish your cutting-edge research in a timely fashion!

Submissions should be prepared according to the Discourse Processes manuscript guidelines found here. All manuscripts should be submitted through the Discourse Processes submission portal as per those guidelines. In any such submission, indicate in your cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted for consideration in the “ST&D 2019 Special issue.”  The firm deadline for submissions is September 1, 2019.

Please consider submitting your exciting conference presentations to Discourse Processes. Remember: Discourse Processes is the official journal of the Society for Text & Discourse. If you have any questions about the suitability of your conference presentation for the issue, e-mail the special issue editors:

• Adrian Bangerter (
• Michael Schober (

We look forward to your submissions!