Jorge Fresneda
Organization: New Jersey Institute of Technology
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Jorge Fresneda is an Assistant Professor in Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics at the Martin Tuchman School of Management - NJIT. His research interest expands from the role of information in Online Consumer Reviews as influencing online consumers, to the economic impact derived from the lack of accessibility of e-commerce sites. An important part of his research deals with the application of methods to analyze unstructured online data (methods such as LSA, machine learning, or topic modeling).

Jorge is the instructor of Marketing Analytics and Product Development and Management (undergraduate) and Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Research (MS/MBA) at NJIT. His teaching portfolio at Drexel University includes courses such as Introduction to Marketing Management (undergraduate) and Marketing Research (undergraduate). He has also assisted in teaching Seminar in Marketing Strategy (undergraduate) and Marketing Information: Management and Research (MBA).

Jorge holds a PhD from Drexel University, an MS in Applied Statistics from UNED, an MRes from Pontifical University of Comillas, an MA in Marketing and Sales Management from EAE Business School, and a BS from University of Alcala.

He works with companies to develop innovative Data Analysis methods, especially focused on extracting information from readily available online sources.