GCAI 2016: Volume Information
Volume:Christoph Benzmüller, Geoff Sutcliffe and Raul Rojas (editors).
GCAI 2016. 2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Volume Information

Title:GCAI 2016. 2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Editors:Christoph Benzmüller, Geoff Sutcliffe and Raul Rojas
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:September 29, 2016


Alexander Steen, Max Wisniewski and Christoph BenzmüllerTutorial on Reasoning in Expressive Non-Classical Logics with Isabelle/HOL1-10
Giles Reger, Martin Suda and Andrei VoronkovNew Techniques in Clausal Form Generation11-23
Tobias PhilippUnsatisfiability Proofs for Parallel SAT Solver Portfolios with Clause Sharing and Inprocessing24-38
Giles Reger, Nikolaj Bjorner, Martin Suda and Andrei VoronkovAVATAR Modulo Theories39-52
Evgenii Kotelnikov, Laura Kovács, Martin Suda and Andrei VoronkovA Clausal Normal Form Translation for FOOL53-71
Marcus Edel and Joscha LauschCapacity Visual Attention Networks72-80
Ying Zhu and Mirek TruszczynskiLearning Importance of Preferences81-94
Yin-Fu Huang and Bo-Rong ChenContent-Based Image Retrieval System for Real Images95-108
Imen Boudali and Nihel MokhtarHarmony Search Approach for Patient Scheduling in Emergency Laboratories109-123
Thomas Schmitt, Phillipe Caillou and Michele SebagMatching Jobs and Resumes: a Deep Collaborative Filtering Task124-137
Armin Dietz, Stephan Schröder, Andreas Pösch, Klaus Frank and Eduard ReithmeierContactless Surgery Light Control based on 3D Gesture Recognition138-146
Michel Ludwig and Dirk WaltherTowards a Practical Decision Procedure for Uniform Interpolants of EL-TBoxes - a Proof-Theoretic Approach147-160
Hara Skouteli and Loizos MichaelEmpirical Investigation of Learning-Based Imputation Policies161-173
Daan Apeldoorn and Gabriele Kern-IsbernerWhen Should Learning Agents Switch to Explicit Knowledge?174-186
Ivo Chichkov and Alexandra KirschA Short-Term Memory for Deliberative Agents in Everyday Environments187-199
Alexandra KirschHeuristic Decision-Making for Human-aware Navigation in Domestic Environments200-213
Teddy Bouziat, Valérie Camps and Stéphanie CombettesCooperation in Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems through System of Systems modeling214-226
Abhijeet Mohapatra, Bertrand Decoster, Sudhir Agarwal and Michael GeneserethInvariant Projections in Games227-239
Pascal Richter, David Laukamp, Levin Gerdes, Martin Frank and Erika ÁbrahámHeliostat Field Layout Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms240-252
Nada Sharaf, Slim Abdennadher, Thom Fruehwirth and Daniel GallAnimating Cognitive Models and Architectures: A Rule-Based Approach253-265
Malumbo ChipofyaMatching Qualitative Constraint Networks with Online Reinforcement Learning266-279
Steve Prestwich, S. Armagan Tarim and Roberto RossiConstraint Problem Specification as Compression280-292
Alan Mosca and George MagoulasDeep Incremental Boosting293-302
Jochen Kerdels and Gabriele PetersA Sparse Representation of High-Dimensional Input Spaces Based on an Augmented Growing Neural Gas303-313
Xudong Liu and Mirek TruszczynskiLearning Partial Lexicographic Preference Trees and Forests over Multi-Valued Attributes314-328
Behnam Sabeti, Pedram Hosseini, Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani and Sَeyed Abolghasem MirroshandelLexiPers: An ontology based sentiment lexicon for Persian329-339
Manfred Eppe, Sean Trott, Vivek Raghuram, Jerome Feldman and Adam JaninApplication-Independent and Integration-Friendly Natural Language Understanding340-352


ACT-R, adaptation, AI Planning, automated reasoning2, CBIR, Chaining rules, Clausal Normal Form, clause normal form, Clausification, cognitive architecture, cognitive model, cold start, collaborative filtering, Constraint Handling Rules, Constraint Logic Programming, Constraint Programming, Construction Grammar, cooperation, curse of dimensionality, CVS, deep learning2, Description Logic EL, document classification, domestic robots2, DRAT, dynamic systems, Emergency Department, empirical investigation, Ensembles, Evolutionary Algorithms, feature selection, first-order logic2, FOOL, formal model, Game Description Language, game structures, General Game Playing, Gentzen-style proof calculus, gesture recognition, Growing Neural Gas, Harmony Search Algorithm2, Healthcare Management, Heliostat Field Layout Optimization, heuristic problem solving, Human Machine Interface, human resources, human-aware robot navigation, human-robot interaction, hybrid collaborative filtering, image recognition, imputation policies, intention recognition, invariant projections, Iterative learning and reasoning, job announcements, job recommendations, knowledge extraction, learning agents, learning preference models, Local compatibility matrix, local input space histograms, machine learning2, Metaheuristic, missing data, modeling, MPEG-7 specification, multi-agent, natural language understanding, Natural User Interface, neural networks, Ontology, Operating Room Lights, optimization problem, parallel portfolio, Pareto rule, partial lexicographic preference forests, partial lexicographic preference trees, Persian, positional scoring rules, preference aggregation, preference importance, preference reasoning2, preference representation, prioritized patient scheduling, QCN matching, Qualitative Constraint Network, Reinforcement Learning, Resumes, SARSA, SAT, Satisfiability Modulo Theories, Sentiment Analysis, sentiment lexicon, short-term memory model, Solar Tower Power Plants, sparse representation, specification language, Surgery Light Control, symbolic/sub-symbolic integration, System of Systems, theorem proving3, training rules, Transfer Learning, translation, Uniform Interpolation, unsatisfiability proofs, Vampire, visual attention, Z3.