Instructions For Authors

This page is for the authors publishing in the EasyChair EPiC Series and Kalpa Publications series.

Templates and Styles


Articles submitted to either EPiC or Kalpa in LaTeX should use the EasyChair class style.

Click here to download the latest EasyChair LaTeX class and related files.

Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft Word to produce your article, you will need to submit two documents: a .docx file and a PDF file derived from it. You can use "Save As" menu item and choose Word Document (.docx) and PDF as the formats. 

Click here to download the latest Microsoft Word templates and user's guides.

Paper Submission

The paper submission procedure is automated in EasyChair. When you submit your article, EasyChair will check that you use the right style, extract some information from your paper (for example, the list of authors) and ask you to check this information.

EasyChair uses information you provided with the submission in the published volumes. This includes title, authors, abstract and keywords/keyhrases. They can be used by others when they search for information, so please check them carefully before submission.

Publication Ethics

Our authors are advised to check our publication ethics page

Preprint Agreement

Click here to view the agreement that must be signed to grant EasyChair permission to publish a preprint.

EPiC Series Agreement

Click here to view the agreement that must be signed when publishing a paper with EasyChair.