Proceedings of ISCA 34th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering

18 articles180 pagesPublished: November 2, 2021


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analytical solution, Anti-patterns, Augmented Reality, Autoencoder, brick warehouse, causal-regularity, character, Clustering, CNN, collaboration2, Commutative and triangular matrix, Concrete structures, COVID-19, Daihinmin, Data Mining, decision trees, deep learning2, Defect characterization2, digital circuits, digital simulation, Ensemble Techniques, EV power demand, Fingerprint, function, fundamental matrix, generative adversarial neural network, Genetic Algorithm, hash, heritage preservation, holistic variability model, image processing, imperfect information, Internet of Things, INUS condition, inverse kinematics, Linear time-varying (LTV) systems, Logical model, Low power electronics, machine learning5, magnetic flux leakage2, matrix normal distribution, Mechanical systems, Mill's methods, MINUS condition, mixture models, Mixtures of normalizing flows, neural network, non-destructive testing2, normal distribution, Normalizing Flows, peer-to-peer networks, Photogrammetry, power supply, Predictive Maintenance, Probabilistic Distributions, product lines, Pyramid tree, Regression, reverse engineering, RFID localization, robotic arm, SMOTE, state transition matrix, symbol, SysML Profile, Vehicular Networks2, VHDL, Vibration detection, Web Services, WSDL, WSDL Metrics, X-ray