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Analytical Method for Calculation of Foundation Plates for Dynamic Loads

EasyChair Preprint no. 6879

8 pagesDate: October 19, 2021


The article presents the main provisions of the analytical method for calculating elasticity on the action of dynamic loads from industrial equipment. Simple dependencies make it possible to quickly and with a sufficient degree of accuracy calculate structures for the specified loads. Thin foundation slabs have a high load-bearing capacity and allow significant savings in material and simplification of their construction. The underlying floors of industrial buildings are widely considered as foundations for equipment, which in turn makes it possible to increase the versatility of buildings. The dependencies presented in the article make it possible to calculate the floors of industrial buildings as endless slabs on an elastic foundation. The analytical method is based on the construction of impulse transient and transfer functions using the known relationships between them. The axisymmetric problem is being solved. The equation of motion for a plate on an elastic foundation with additional masses is written in polar coordinates and reduced to a system with two degrees of freedom. As examples, the calculations of slabs on an elastic foundation for the load from vertical reciprocating compressors of several types are given. Deflections and bending moments were calculated as a function of time depending on the distance to the center of the track. The calculation results show that the installation of such equipment is possible directly on the underlying layers of the floors. The vibration isolation device significantly reduces the amplitude values ​​of the displacements and accelerations of the plates, while increasing the movement of the equipment itself.

Keyphrases: analytical method, dynamic analysis, elastic slab, industrial equipment, influence function

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