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Power Management System (PMS) for Containerized Hybrid Mobile Power Source

EasyChair Preprint no. 5301

5 pagesDate: April 8, 2021


All the latest & sophisticated Defence / Military equipment (Mobile or Stationary) which are used in field applications have Diesel Generator Set (DGSet) based Power Supply System. As per Government policies & norms, all Diesel Generator based power generating systems are going to be out of production in coming few years. Worldwide initiative has been taken to emphasize and use of more & more renewable energy sources with alternative solutions even in the Defence applications. Hence to meet future power requirements for providing a complete power solution for remote field applications, hybridization of non-conventional and conventional energy sources like PV Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, DG-set and battery bank is very much required. The main objective of hybridisation is to maximize the benefit of the available renewable energy sources and to minimize the use of conventional energy sources. In recent years, with advancements in renewable energy technologies, Hybrid Energy System has become one of the most significant and promising system for providing reliable power for remote field applications. Power Management System (PMS) is subsystem of Hybrid Energy System to cater and manage the load demand under varying weather conditions from the different energy sources and the storage units in the system. Power Management System manages these powers to cater power requirements for the stand-alone, remote field requirements for long duration. This paper presents and discusses the details of development of Power Management System (PMS), its hardware implementation and test results.

Keyphrases: fuel cell, Mobile Hybrid Power Generation System, power management system

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