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Modularization of New Courses in a Curriculum – Proposal for an Advanced Fluid Power Course

EasyChair Preprint no. 303

4 pagesDate: June 24, 2018


Most programs and curricula being offered nowadays is packed with courses and required activities, thus leaving very few options whenever a new course with additional concepts or materials is being included in an existing plan of study. Typically the option is to exclude some existing course in order to make room for the new one, thus avoiding the increase in total credit requirements in the program. Fluid power is a field that has gone through a cycle of being a staple in many technical programs because of its wide use in industry as primary option for power transmission; then having a substantial drop in its study and applicability; and then becoming once again a preferred power transmission alternative. Hydraulic fluid power is a mature technology, and new applications present several new challenges, with significant benefits. Therefore, there is a growing need to have fluid power education in many engineering and engineering technology curricula. Curricular development has been planned in order to offer advanced fluid power technology education in existing programs. This development has the main characteristic that is modularized, thus presenting the opportunity to be included in existing programs without the need for new courses. The modules are not introductory levell, and the development will have the overall context of systems integration, with topics on controls, mobile, and energy efficiency. In this development the learning outcomes have been established, and at this point the input from industrial constituents is being requested in order to establish specific content, and how the modules should be developed and integrated. This paper includes the information used to define the topics, and the actual content in the proposed modules. It is expected that this development will address the limited exposure to fluid power that students of engineering and engineering technology programs face, have, thus allowing them to consider careers in such industry.

Keyphrases: Course Modules, curriculum, Fluid Power

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