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Social Media Marketing Practice through Facebook – Taking W Group Education Foundation as an Example

EasyChair Preprint no. 1280

6 pagesDate: July 12, 2019


“Taking from society and returning to it” has become an ingrained concept. That is why the businesses pay an increasing attention to social responsibility in recent years. W Group, a company known for its multiple beverages, is no exception. In 2006, it established “W Group Education Foundation” to help organize public welfare activities regarding culture and education, which promotes social education and lifelong learning. Most employees of W Group Education Foundation are professional social worker. They plan activities with limited resources and promote digital marketing with the Facebook fan page. Due to limited resources, the characteristics of the current fans on the page and the organizational culture, it happens sometimes that the fans favorably support its promotional activities but they do not actively participate in them. Therefore, this study proposes some measures from the perspectives of social networking, the running of a community platform, and customer relationship management (CRM), hoping to increase interactions and strengthen the adherence with the fans and to attract more fans to take part in the activities. The strategies include activity countdown in words and images, publishing event articles and reports, sharing event pictures, news feeds of holiday and daily care, and Q & A interaction. The strategies having been implemented, the number of page visitors, page reach, and post interactions increases significantly on the Facebook fan page. In addition, the interaction between the organizer and the fans is also improved. Moreover, the event speaker recognizes and appreciates the efforts. At last, this study puts forward some suggestions for the management of the Facebook fan page in hopes of benefiting the foundations and similar non-profit organizations when they conduct promotional activities.

Keyphrases: Community Member, Customer Relationship Management, Facebook fan page, fan page, Insight report, Internet marketing, social marketing, Social Media Management

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