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Measuring Performance of Urban Farming for Sustainable Urban Development in the City of Surabaya, Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 372

7 pagesDate: July 24, 2018


Urban Agriculture is an effort to realize the sustainable urban development with the focus to optimize
limited vacant land for the farming activities. Urban agriculture has a positive impact on people's
livelihood in urban areas, both in social, economic, and environmental perspectives. In addition, urban agriculture also helps to contribute to the urban greenery, healthy open space and food security. Surabaya city since 2009 has been implementing urban farming program that is designed to be developed in densely populated urban areas and do not have a large amount of vacant land. The targets of this Urban Farming Program are poor families, which spread over 31 districts in the city of Surabaya. The benefit of this program is to improve the food security of poor families through the fulfillment of nutrient availability and poor families independently by utilizing the yard for urban farming activities. Critical success factors must be considered this program for the urban sustainability, how to synergize the social, economic, and environmental benefits on the community level. The study is necessary to identify the important factors that must be considered in supporting the urban sustainability. The factors are used to analyze the performance of the urban farming activities on the community level. The importance factor analysis measure the performance based on the gap between the perceptions and expectations. The SERVQUAL instruments can be used to measure the performance of urban farming program. The data source is obtained by sampling to the community in the city of Surabaya that have implemented urban farming program. Thus the results of performance measurement of this critical success factors can be determined step forward to improve the urban farming program in the city of Surabaya.

Keyphrases: performance measurement, sustainable urban development, urban agriculture, Urban Farming

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