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Integration of Robotic Applications in Open and Safe Medical Device IT Networks Using IEEE 11073 SDC

4 pagesPublished: June 13, 2017


Modern operating rooms (OR) undergo a constant rise in the amount and complexity of technical systems. Due to a lack of inter-device communication and integration, each device works stand-alone resulting in redundant sensors, input devices, monitors and—last but not least—crowded ORs and error prone human- machine-interaction. Therefore, various manufacturers such as Brainlab and Karl Storz provide proprietary integrated workstations. However, those “monolithic” solutions restrict the flexibility of the users and the clinical operators regarding integration of innovative third party devices.
In view of this, the OR.NET initiative ( strives to develop international open standards for secure dynamic networks of medical devices in ORs. In the scope of the OR.NET project, based on service oriented architecture (SOA), the SDC (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) approach is currently in the process of standardization under IEEE 11073 to link medical devices in the OR (short OR.NETwork). It paves the way to interoperability between various medical devices due to its independence of license holders.
However, the SDC network does not suit real time (RT) requirements of a deterministic data transmission and low maximum latency, e.g. for robotic applications. This paper shows an approach to extend the secure dynamic OR by a real-time capable network to allow the integration of robotic systems. Exemplarily, this paper outlines an orthopaedic robotic system that is released by a universal configurable footswitch. This significantly extends the scope of applications for integrated ORs with the IEEE 11073 standard.

Keyphrases: closed loop control, EtherCAT, IEEE 11073 SDC, Integrated Operating Room, Navigated Control, OR.NET RT, Orthopaedic robot, real-time communication, Service Oriented Architecture, Universal footswitch

In: Klaus Radermacher and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena (editors). CAOS 2017. 17th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, vol 1, pages 254--257

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