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The Australian Residential Property Market: A Study on Foreign Real Estate Investment

14 pagesPublished: October 23, 2017


This research focuses on determining the significance of foreign investment in the Australian residential property market subsequent to the Global Financial Crisis 2008. Quantitative models built on secondary data were tested on two residential property markets comprising Metropolitan Melbourne and a key suburb in the Victoria State, Australia. The relationship between the house price performances and various leading offshore and local Australian economic indicators were assessed. As a result of the increasing relevance of globalisation and Asia Pacific private wealth in the Australia, foreign real estate investment has impacted significantly the Melbourne residential property market performance. The result of this study provides a better understanding on the relationship between the Australian residential property market performance and the emerging significance of the foreign investment drivers. A better understanding of these foreign investment determinants will assist policy makers to effectively manage the Australian residential property market without compromising the steady flow of foreign real estate investment. The result of this study is believed to yield findings that can assist the researcher, property market operators and investors in the evaluation of foreign investments in the Australia residential housing market.

Keyphrases: Asia Pacific Private Wealth., Australia, Foreign Real Estate Investment (FREI), Housing markets, Residential property

In: Marsha Lamb (editor). AUBEA 2017: Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference 2017, vol 1, pages 165--178

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