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Demographic Challenges Ahead for Construction Education

9 pagesPublished: September 25, 2020


The construction economy is strong, and many construction management programs are experiencing record attendance. However, the coming decline within the U.S. in the number of college students (15% decline beginning in 2026) looms large. This exploratory research project seeks to illuminate the potential impact of this demographic shift in five states where a diversity of construction management and geography exists: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and Washington. Results indicate substantial drops in enrollment for schools in Alabama and Illinois and illuminate that almost all regional universities will suffer as a result of the anticipated demographic shifts. Construction management programs should prepare for the coming shifts and increased competition for students. Options include additional emphasis on growing demographic sectors, an additional focus on gender diversity, and shifts in instructional approaches.

Keyphrases: Construction Education, demographics, Enrollment, student recruitment

In: Tom Leathem (editor). Associated Schools of Construction Proceedings of the 56th Annual International Conference, vol 1, pages 8--16

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