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Iterated contraction of propositions and conditionals under the principle of conditional preservation

15 pagesPublished: October 19, 2017


Research on iterated belief change has focussed mostly on belief revision, only few papers have addressed iterated belief contraction. Most prominently, Darwiche and Pearl published seminal work on iterated belief revision the leading paradigm of which is the so-called principle of conditional preservation. In this paper, we use this principle in a thoroughly axiomatized form to develop iterated belief contraction operators for Spohn's ranking functions. We show that it allows for setting up constructive approaches to tackling the problem of how to contract a ranking function by a proposition or a conditional, respectively, and that semantic principles can also be derived from it for the purely qualitative case.

Keyphrases: conditional preservation, Iterated Belief Change, Iterated contraction, ranking functions

In: Christoph Benzmüller, Christine Lisetti and Martin Theobald (editors). GCAI 2017. 3rd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence, vol 50, pages 78--92

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