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Seasonal Usage Pattern of Outdoor Spaces in Educational Precincts

10 pagesPublished: October 23, 2017


Successful urban open spaces can largely contribute to the enhancement of human’s day to day life. Among the determinants of the quality of outdoor environments, high priority is given to ambient climatic conditions. Therefore, this study aimed to understand the usage pattern of outdoor spaces in an educational precinct and discover its linkage to thermal conditions. The target population was the users of three open spaces of an educational precinct selected as the case study in Melbourne, Australia Three types of data collection methods including questionnaire survey, field observation and on-site measurements were employed to collect information about determinants and characteristics of usage pattern in the three consecutive seasons (spring 2014, summer 2015 and autumn 2015). The results shed lights on the seasonal usage pattern in the precinct and revealed the association between thermal conditions and the number of attendees in the study sites. The research findings are expected to inform guidelines on managing outdoor spaces, particularly within university campuses.

Keyphrases: educational precinct, field survey, life quality, thermal condition

In: Marsha Lamb (editor). AUBEA 2017: Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference 2017, vol 1, pages 253--262

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