Author:Guillaume Dardenne



3D mesh, 3D pose estimation2, 3D printed model, 3D reconstruction, 3D registration, 3D ultrasound, anatomical landmarks, Anterior Pelvic Plane, Automatic landmarks localization, Bone3, Bone Segmentation, caos2, challenge, Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery., Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery, CT scan, CT scans2, cup orientation, custom implant, custom implants, deep learning3, depth camera2, distal femoral landmark registration, Extended field-of-view, Fully Conventional Network, Generative Adversarial Networks, Hip Center2, image stitching, Implant Design, in vitro study, knee joint2, knee joint replacement, Knee MRI, knee surgery, Lateral Decubitus Position, Least-Moving-Point algorithm, Lewinnek, manual localization of anatomical landmarks, markerless2, measurement device, MRI, nnU-Net, Orthopaedics2, Patient specific instruments, Pelvic mobility, Pelvic parameters, pelvic tilt3, pelvis, pose estimation, Precision, preoperative planning, PSI, range of motion, registration2, Safe Zone2, Segmentation5, Shape and pose models, Statistical Shape Model2, statistical shape models, SterEOS, surgical instruments, surgical planning, THA3, TKA, total hip arthroplasty4, Total Knee Arthoplasty, Total knee arthroplasty2, U-Net, Ultrasound4.