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POS-14 Volume Information
Volume:Daniel Le Berre (editor)
POS-14. Fifth Pragmatics of SAT workshop

POS-14 Volume Information

Title:POS-14. Fifth Pragmatics of SAT workshop
Editors:Daniel Le Berre
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:July 28, 2014


Gilles Audemard, Benoît Hoessen, Said Jabbour and Cédric PietteDolius: A Distributed Parallel SAT Solving Framework1-11
Marijn Heule, Norbert Manthey and Tobias PhilippValidating Unsatisfiability Results of Clause Sharing Parallel SAT Solvers12-25
Laurent SimonPost Mortem Analysis of SAT Solver Proofs26-40
Zoltan Mann and Pal PappFormula partitioning revisited41-56
Enrique Matos Alfonso and Norbert MantheyNew CNF Features and Formula Classification57-71
Zoltan MannTypical-case complexity and the SAT competitions72-87
Armin BiereLingeling Essentials, A Tutorial on Design and Implementation Aspects of the the SAT Solver Lingeling88
Steffen Hölldobler, Norbert Manthey, Tobias Philipp and Peter SteinkeGeneric CDCL -- A Formalization of Modern Propositional Satisfiability Solvers89-102
Andreas Fröhlich, Gergely Kovásznai, Armin Biere and Helmut VeithiDQ: Instantiation-Based DQBF Solving103-116


3sat solving
1abstraction, cdcl algorithm, clause sharing, cnf formulas, cnf partitioning, complexity analysis, distributed computing, divide and conquer, dqbf, dqdimacs, epr, feature extraction, fiduccia mattheyses algorithm, framework, hypergraph partitioning, instantiation, machine learning, parallel satisfiability solver, qbf, sat competitions, sat partitioning, sat platform, sat proofs, sat solvers, transition system, typical case complexity, unsatisfiability proof