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Kalpa Publications

Kalpa Publications is a new series published by EasyChair since 2016. It aims at publishing international and national conference proceedings, but is also open to other collections of papers. Online and open access, Kalpa Publications fulfil the need of rapid publishing and dissemination of new scientific results.

Kalpa (Sanskrit: कल्प kalpa) is a Sanskrit word meaning an aeon, or a relatively long period of time, defined as 4.32 billion years in the Puranas.

First Kalpa volumes to be published soon

EasyChair signed agreements about publishing first Kalpa volumes in Computing and Engineering. The volumes are expected to be published in the first months of 2017.

Why Kalpa Publications?

Kalpa is published by EasyChair and integrated with the EasyChair conference management part, thus providing a seamless process of submission-to-publication of reviewed content.

  • We use the special EasyChair Kalpa environment to produce volumes using a high level of automation, thus saving time to the authors and the editors.
  • Kalpa publications are truly open access. As soon as a volume is ready it is published, and the articles are accessible to everybody at no cost in the EasyChair repository.
  • We are staying up to date with innovations in publishing and creating new technologies. We are committed to indexing, the use of open data and semantic technologies.
  • All Kalpa publications will be assigned a permanent DOI number. All articles will also be offered for other relevant major indexes depending on their areas, for example Engineering Village (Compendex) and Microsoft Academic Search.
  • The copyright of each Kalpa Publications article is owned by its authors.
  • Kalpa Publications are fully integrated with the EasyChair smart program feature for generating and publishing conference programs. Your program will have links to the volume and talks in the program will have links to corresponding published papers. Also, the published volume and papers will have links to the conference program, thus providing a better visibility and information quality both for your conference Web pages and the papers.