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HOWARD-60 Volume Information
Volume:Andrei Voronkov and Margarita Korovina (editors)
HOWARD-60. A Festschrift on the Occasion of Howard Barringer's 60th Birthday

HOWARD-60 Volume Information

Title:HOWARD-60. A Festschrift on the Occasion of Howard Barringer's 60th Birthday
Editors:Andrei Voronkov and Margarita Korovina
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:February 12, 2014


Klaus HavelundHoward Barringer: the Man who Invented the Past1-12
Philip Armstrong, Gavin Lowe, Joel Ouaknine and Bill RoscoeModel checking Timed CSP13-33
Graham Birtwistle and Ken StevensA Design Space and its Patterns: Modelling 2phase Asynchronous Pipelines34-65
Howard Bowman and Li SuCognition, Concurrency Theory and Reverberations in the Brain: in Search of a Calculus of Communicating (Recurrent) Neural Systems66-84
Clare Dixon and Michael FisherOn and On the Temporal Way85-111
Ylies Falcone, Jean-Claude Fernandez and Laurent MounierOn the Expressiveness of some Runtime Validation Techniques112-123
Leo Freitas, Cliff Jones and Andrius VelykisCan a system learn from interactive proofs?124-139
Michael Abraham, Dov Gabbay and Uri J. SchildThe Handling of Loops in Talmudic Logic, with Application to Odd and Even Loops in Argumentation140-164
Michael GabbayA simple and complete model theory for intensional and extensional untyped λ-equality165-177
Murdoch GabbayStone duality for first-order logic: a nominal approach to logic and topology178-209
Klaus HavelundClosing the Gap Between Specification and Programming: VDM++ and Scala210-233
Timothy Hinrichs, A. Prasad Sistla and Lenore ZuckModel Check What You Can, Runtime Verify the Rest234-244
Marta Kwiatkowska, David Parker, Hongyang Qu and Mateusz UjmaOn Incremental Quantitative Verification for Probabilistic Systems245-257
Ronald Middelkoop, Cornelis Huizing, Ruurd Kuiper and Erik J. LuitPandora's Box258-270
Doron Peled and Sven ScheweDistributed Control Synthesis271-288
David Rydeheard and Jesus Hector Dominguez SanchezA note on first-order reasoning for minimum models289-305
Colin StirlingA Tableau Proof System with Names for Modal Mu-calculus306-318
Simon ThompsonExtended Abstract: Getting Engaged319