Powerful. Intuitive. Easy. Your Conference Solution
The system is great. Very intuitive, very powerful.
Kurt Mehlhorn (Vice President, Max-Planck Society), 2007-02-22
Thanks as always for the great system, Andrei. What would we do without it?!?
Manuel Hermenegildo (Director, IMDEA Software Institute), 2007-07-06
After using EasyChair, one dreads the thought of running a workshop or conference any other way
Ăšlfar Erlingsson (Microsoft Research), 2007-11-26
As you know, I consider EasyChair critical to the success of FLoC. It would be impossible to manage so many papers, programs, and proceedings without the support of EasyChair.
Moshe Vardi (Professor, Rice University and Editor in Chief, Communications of the ACM), 2007-12-09
Hi Andrei,

I have been using your easychair system with great pleasure, for BPM05 and now for EEE/CEC06.... And I love it.
Fabio Casati (Professor, University of Trento), 2006-01-03
EasyChair is a great system. Without it, I would not accept the invitation to be a program committee chair.
Tetsuo Ida (Professor, Tsukuba University), 2006-06-04
MKM has been using EasyChair for several years, and we all agree it is the best thing since sliced bread.
Robert Miner (Vice President, Design Science Inc.), 2006-12-06
I just submitted a paper to ICALP and was very impressed by EasyChair, which beats hands down many commercial packages I've used in the past...
Ion Mandoiu (Professor, University of Connecticut), 2005-02-14
Terrific from beginning to end.
Pascal van Hentenryck (Research group leader, NICTA), 2005-10-27
I'm very impressed by the paper assignment algorithm of your system - definitely the best result I ever got ... Both Thomas and I would like to use it for ICDT
Leonid Libkin (Professor, University of Edinburgh), 2004-02-09