Eter Kharaishvili
Affiliation: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
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Dr. Kharaishvili is a Doctor of Economic Sciences; Professor of Ivane Javakhishvii Tbilisi State University, Head of Microeconomics Department; Head of Quality Assurance Service at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Dr. Kharaishvili is the full member of following academies and associations: Georgian Academy of Economic Sciences; European Association of Agricultural Economists; European Academy of Natural History.

Dr. Kharaishvili is the author of more than 120 scientific publications, among them are 4 monographs; 7 textbooks. She has participated in a great number of international projects and programs, including:

  • “Efficient government and support to territorial arraignment state commission in the issues of decentralization” (UNDP);
  • “Improving the efficiency and transparency of Georgian Parliament and central government” (UNDP);
  • “The center for information and liberal higher education” (Tempus Tasis);
  • “The center for student services and liaison with employers” (Tempus Tasis);
  • “Methodology for scientific researches (Zurich technological university);
  • “Investments for better university – the methods of productivity and efficiency analysis” (Zurich         technological university);
  • “Study tour of American professors and teachers in Georgia” (US National council for economic education);
  • “The Olympiads for students and pupils (US National council for economic education); 203
  • “Business climate improvement in Georgia” (center for international private enterprise);
  • “Support to agricultural cooperatives’ development in Georgia” (ENPARD).
  • Translation of English textbooks into Georgian: Microeconomic Theory: Basic Principles and Extensions (Walter Nicholson, Christopher M. Snyder) 10th edition, 2011; Managerial Economics (Paul Keat, Philip K Young, Steve Erfle), 7th edition, 2014.

Dr. Kharaishvii has participated in a number of scientific conferences, training courses and summer schools held in different universities abroad, among them are: Piraeus (Greece) University of Applied Sciences; Dublin (Ireland) Trinity college; Grenoble (France) university; Brunel (Great Britain) university; Berlin (Germany) technical university; Black sea university (Turkey); Trento (Italy) university; Parma (Italy University; Zurich (Switzerland) technological university, etc. Number of dissertations has been maintained under her supervision. Dr. Kharaishvili is delivering lectures in Microeconomics; Economy of Georgia; Regional Economic Policy.