Inna Semenets-Orlova
Affiliation: United States Pegasus Environmental and Nuclear Services, Inc
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Mob.: +380 98 556 03 78, Email:,

Languages: Ukrainian (native), English (B2), Deutsch (A2)

Work experience: since 2014 have been engaged in developing and management of educational and research projects, cooperated with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Pädagogische hochschule zürich, Polish Aid


Desember 2019 –present

NGO “ReSURS” – Renovate Society Unity Radical Smart”

CEO of the NGO                                                                                                                       

Key responsibilities:

  • administration of the NGO,

  - doing scientific research in the field of management of educational changes; 

- analytical activity;

- projecting and implementation of educational changes at the lowest operational level of a higher educational institution (e.g. a department) as well as at the level of a higher educational institution as a whole;

- organization and conducting of communication activities, educational master-classes, workshops.

Main achievements:

  • development of a conception for monitoring the project, collecting information and formation of criteria for estimation of work effectiveness of members participating in various project components, analyzing basic factors influencing achievement of results, preparation of questionnaires and conducting questionnaire surveys of members and ultimate beneficiaries of the project, preparation of portfolio of documents for enhancement of project implementation effectiveness, support of coordination of measures between the project parties, support of communication between the project members and dissemination of project results, preparation of articles in the press, writing reports and analytical documents on issues concerned with the state of political and economic as well as social environment in accordance with goals of the project, organizing and holding international conferences, seminars, press conferences, visits related to exchange of experience (Swiss-Ukrainian project «DOCCUDevelopment of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine») (the report can be found here);
  • а member of the working groups on the development of «Сoncept of development of citizenship education in Ukraine» and «Strategy for the development of citizenship education for the period up to 2022», a participant of meetings of a working group on preparation of a draft law on education for the second reading (2017, 2016)

February 2020 – present

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman                               

Manager of the research projects

  1. Realization of potential of young scientists in cooperation between business, education and science.

Key responsibilities:

  • design sociological research methods (procedures) 
  • development of recommendations for improving education legislation the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Main achievements:

  • conducted focus group with young scientists (the results can be found here).
  • developed a questionnaire for a mass sociological research (a questionnaire can be found here).

February 2017 – September 2019

National Aviation University                                                                                               

Head, Leading specialist of the Center of organizational development and leadership

Key responsibilities:

  • Development of a conception for a flexible system of organizational education at a higher educational institution, analyzing the current state of the organizational climate and studying peculiarities of development of organizational culture at National Aviation University, development, intellectual and organizational support of short-term educational events for students and lecturers of National Aviation University related to current problems, information support of educational events, conducing to enhancement of a system for internal communications at National Aviation University.

Main achievements:

  • Designing and directing training programs in the areas of strategic human resource management, effective human resource audit, human resource development, communication network, human resource planning, identification of training needs, organization redesigning and restructuring etc. (the results can be found here).



Dr. of Public Administration,

Doctoral Candidate, preparing and writing a dissertation on the topic "Theoretical basics of public management of educational changes in Ukraine"


PhD (Politics), National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Faculty of Politology and Law


Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Master’s degree in Political Science, Specialist Diploma in Law, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Faculty of Retraining and Further Training of teachers

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Faculty of Politology and Law,

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Faculty of Retraining and Further Training of teachers



Certificate program “NAU School of Lecturers”


Internship “Innovative university and Leadership: communicative strategies and relations between schools and



Certificate program “Education for democratic citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE), Certificate № 18032016-32


Soft skills

intercultural communication, work in teams, critical thinking, design thinking, time management, decision making, presentation