Nataliia Slukhai
Affiliation: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
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Full Doctor of Philological Sciences (awarded in 1995 in two specialities: 10.02.02 (Russian language) and 10.02.01 (Ukrainian language). Professor of the Department of Russian Philology of the Institute of Philology, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, since 2000. Has lectured continuously since 1980 (first as Assistant Professor, then as Associate and Full Professor). She is the author of more than 230 publications, including several monographs. She also co-edited or (co-)authored several textbooks. Range of professional interests: suggestive linguistics, cognitology, advertising and naming, Shevchenko studies, ethnomythopoetics. Lectures in "Linguistic Programming of Human Behavior" (to PhD and postgraduate students), "Cognitology and Conceptology in a Linguistic Light" (to postgraduate students), "Ethnogenesis and Mythology of Eastern Slavs in a Linguocultoral Aspect" (to postgraduate students), "Linguosemiotics of Russian Advertising: History and Modernity", "Mass Media in the Framework of Myth", "Modern Discourse Science" and others. Dr. Slukhai has profound insight into information safety, linguistic evaluation, naming. For a long time she has worked with foreign students, post-graduates and interns. She spent a year doing qualification enhancement in the US.

She supervised many successfully accomplished Master’s theses, mentored 15 PhD students and three doctoral studies. She has also been a member of several academic boards for defending PhD and doctoral dissertations, a member of the Supreme Certifying Commission (VAK) for many years. She has served as a member of Editorial Review Boards of several international journals, as program committee member of many international conferences and workshops.