Oksana Pershukona
Affiliation: National Aviation University
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Dr Oksana Pershukova, Professor of Aviation English Department, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Oksana Pershukova received a Candidate of Pedagogical  Sciences degree (Dr. phil.) from the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv) in 2002, and a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences degree (Dr. habil.) from the Institute of Pedagogical Education and Education of Adults of the NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv), in 2016. Since 1995, she has been working in the field of comparative education in the Institute of Pedagogy, Kyiv. Since 2017 she works at the National Aviation University, Kyiv, at the position of a Professor of Aviation English Department. Her research interests are related to general and comparative pedagogy, different aspects of improving the quality of bilingual and multilingual education, developing and preserving multilingualism in the context of the educational space of European countries and the US. She has been analyzing the opportunities and finding ways to apply positive experiences in these fields in Ukraine. The range of her scientific interests also includes features of mastering a foreign language at the university level (especially ESP), as well as peculiarities of forming students’ autonomy and finding the ways to increase students' motivation for foreign languages learning.