Yuliia Khoroshylova
Affiliation: NANGU
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Yuliia Khoroshylova occupies the position of Senior Teacher at the Language Testing Office of the NANGU Language Department and works providing advice, research, and language training for NGU officers who take an intensive English course. She does writing, research, and training on new methods of teaching in the modern classroom and resort to task and project-based approach when applying fresh teaching strategies.

Ms. Khoroshylova has extensive experience of participation in overseas teacher training cources. In November 2017, she completed The Faculty Development Workshop, NATO Language Partnership Training and Education Centre, Polce, Slovenia. In May 2019, Ms. Khoroshylova successfully completed the Language Teacher Training Course of the Military Training Cooperation Program of the Canadian Armed Forces in Gatineau, Canada after taking STANAG tests and giving lessons of English as a second language to Canadian French-speaking cadets. In March 2021, she took The Distance Learning Design and Delivery Course Serial 2102 carried out by DMTC (Canada) virtually and was successfully sertified on its completion.

Today, Ms Khoroshylova is working on developing and implementing asynchronous and synchronous lesson plans for E-learning and test and use new online platforms, apps and websites in her classroom.