Law 4004


  • Session 7H (Jun 12 08:30-10:00) Collaboration to Mitigate Climate Change
  • Session 8I (Jun 12 10:15-11:45) Innovative Methods in Public Management Research
  • Session 10J (Jun 12 14:00-15:30) Collaboration in Environmental Protection
  • Session 11I (Jun 12 15:45-17:15) Is there a Schism in Public Administration? Ties that Bind Institutional, Organizational, and Behavioral Theories of Public Management and Governance
  • Session 13I (Jun 13 08:30-10:00) Disaster Governance in an Era of Climate Change: Is Public Management Up to the Challenge?
  • Session 14H (Jun 13 10:15-11:45) Informing Management in Complex Governance Situations Using Advanced Quantitative and Qualitative Modeling Approaches
  • Session 15I (Jun 13 14:00-15:30) Governing Sustainability in the City
  • Session 16A (Jun 13 15:45-17:15) Strategic Management and Implementation
  • Session 17D (Jun 14 08:30-10:00) Adapting to Acts of God, Nature, and Humanity: Organizational and Policy Adaptation by Infrastructure Agencies to Extreme Changes in the Environment
  • Session 18H (Jun 14 10:15-11:45) Behavioral Public Administration, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data