Ivo Tiemessen
Organization: ProCcare
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Ivo JH Tiemessen serves as a certified exercise- and thermophysiologist in his private company Mobilito Sport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (January 2010). His interest in cooling and heating as a recovery and therapeutic modality originated in 2008 when cold and heat became a hot research topic and started to become implemented in sports practice. In his works, he focusses on performance recovery regimes and its (thermo)physiology, the clinical effects described in the literature and the integration of this knowledge into concepts that can help (sports)practice. He is an experienced researcher in applied research, working with different (elite) sports professionals, presented at several conferences and tutors at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and the HAN Arnhem. Together with his colleagues,  Ivo founded ProCcare (January 2015) and PolarFitCare (May 2016) to further develop their method (patent pending). Both organizations aim to provide customized care for their athletes and patients in relation to rehabilitation and performance recovery. ProCcare by focusing on local cooling/ heating and water immersion and PolarFitCare by focusing on whole-body cryotherapy.