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08:30-09:00Coffee & Refreshments
09:15-10:30 Session 27
Location: Taub 7
Advancing Science with Platforms and Driving Scenarios: a perspective from a researcher at Microsoft Research

ABSTRACT. What does a research career in industry look like? While there is no single answer to this question, I will approximate by describing perspective based on personal experiences based on a career spanning work in a research institute, a startup, the core file systems group at Microsoft and at Microsoft Research. In each of the experiences, a background with a graduate degree specifically with an emphasis on logic and program logics, proved useful but in very different ways. The perspective of Microsoft Research is distinguished as it is based on the pursuit of advancing science that both aims much wider than business objectives and at the same time benefits, and is of benefit to, business and product groups. I will describe an example of a platform as a research tool (in this case the SMT solver z3) for driving foundational research and drive user scenarios. Platforms represent a researcher’s aim for long term, general results that establish and test methodologies. I describe experiences with combining platforms with driving scenarios based on business needs.

10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 31G
Location: Taub 7
Managing a life that also includes research

ABSTRACT. The life of a young researcher in the current academic environment can be highly demanding and stressful. The competition for job opportunities often causes early-stage researchers to prioritize productivity over well-being, work long hours, on weekends, on and off campus, and usually alone. In this very personal talk, I will offer advice on how to (try to) avoid the all-consuming nature of research, drawing from my personal experience and lessons learned from colleagues.

How logic-based approaches can be used in data management
12:30-14:00Lunch Break

Lunches will be held in Taub hall and in The Grand Water Research Institute.

14:00-15:30 Session 34H
Location: Taub 7
Navigating through the academic jungle

ABSTRACT. When pursuing an academic career, one is often confronted with contradictory expectations and a lot of uncertainty. Understanding some of the processes in academia and different views different people may take can help a lot with finding one's own way. This talk is targeted at PhD students and early-career post-docs. It will focus on some key stages in an academic career, and what the important decisions are that one should make or at least consider for oneself at a certain stage.

From PhD to industry: A recent graduate’s perspective

ABSTRACT. To a PhD student who deeply focuses on academic research in their day-to-day work, moving to industry may seem unattainable. As a recent graduate, I will share my personal experience of applying for internships, doing coding interviews, working in a startup, as well as working in a big company. I will also give an overview of the project I am currently working on as an applied scientist in the Prime Video Automated Reasoning team.

15:30-16:00Coffee Break
18:30-20:00Workshop Dinner (at the Technion, Taub Terrace Floor 2) - Paid event