ETHICOMP 2018 Registration

As you register, consider that ETHICOMP is a broad based conference series that addresses the social and ethical perspectives of ICT and converging technologies. It is inclusive, providing a forum for those with diverse opinions to share and debate issues in a collegial atmosphere. Dialogue is fundamental. The conference is multidisciplinary. This means that both single discipline and multidiscipline papers are presented at the conference. The ETHICOMP community is receptive of these differing perspectives. Our community is culturally diverse. Delegates come from all continents and present papers from many cultural perspectives. As a community we support academic growth. New scholars/researchers are encouraged to present papers, which are within the main programme rather than in a separate stream in order to promote inclusivity and collegiality. If you are new to ETHICOMP, welcome. If you are returning, welcome back. Either way, we look forward to your participation.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are to be paid in Polish złoty or Euros. Conversion to U.S. dollars is approximate and depends on actual exchange rates at the time of payment. Registration fees cover participation in ETHICOMP sessions, lunches, and coffee breaks. Note that tickets for the Banquet are purchased separately from registration.

Full Registration                         1580pln ( €380 / $459 )

Student, Full Registration            650pln  ( €156 / $189 )

Banquet Prices (Must register and pay for the banquet by 13 September.)

Full            240pln ( €58 / $70 )

Students   180pln  ( €43 / $52 )

Please register for ETHICOMP 2018 at your earliest convenience. Please be advised, the payment cannot be completed via credit card. There are low-cost international money transfer services that provide an alternative. While we cannot recommend any specific service, Transferwise, Halifax, are among the companies that provide these services.

Media Partners

The Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
Sponsor of a special issue dedicated to select papers from ETHICOMP 2018
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The ORBIT Journal - An Online Journal for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT
Partner dedicated to publishing papers presented at ETHICOMP 2018
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Information -- An Open Access Journal of Information Science