Local Information

Local information: Maps, Cafes, Eating, Sightseeing, Events, Public Transit


The map linked above shows the location of the conference, the reception, two recommneded local cafes, and the location of the main ASA annual meeting. It also includes the sightseeing locations listed below and will eventually list the networking dinner locations.

Conference location

Daytime conference events, including lunch, will be held at the Desautels Faculty of Management, Bronfman Building, McGill University, 1001 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, H3A 1G5.

Reception location

The reception will be held at Thompson House at McGill University.


We will of course provide basic coffee service at the conference. The closest option for coffee drinks Cafe Castels just next door to Bronfman.

For people looking for higher quality coffee, the two cafes closest to Bronfman are marked on the map above:

Here is a more comprehensive guide to Montreal coffee:

Restaurant Guides

A good review site:                    

Higher end:


Sightseeing: Places to Visit (marked on map above)

The ASA meetings are being held near the Old Port Area, well worth exploring but also the most touristy area. Here are a few suggestions outside of Old Port.

  • Mount Royal Park and Overlook: Behind McGill University is "the mountain", a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Climb up 300 steps, or take the less steep but longer Chemin Olmsted (Olmsted Way), to the chalet at the top for stunning views of the city (you can also take a taxi or bus to the top).
  • Musée de Beaux Arts/Fine Arts Museum: Located just a few blocks away from Bronfman on Sherbooke Street
  • Large public food markets, well worth the visit: The largest is Jean Talon, located a few blocks from the metro and near little Italy. The second largest is Atwater, slightly closer, also a few blocks from the metro, and backs onto the Lachine Canal (see below)
  • Lachine Canal: starts in Old Port but probably the nicest section begins behind Atwater Market. There you can rent bicycles and canoes to go by land or water along the canal.
  • Neighborhoods to visit:
    • Plateau/Mile End Neighborhood: Get a feel for life in Montreal. Visit the famous St Viateur and Fairmount bagel shops, Cafe Olympico (old-style Italian cafe and hangout spot), try the famous Schwartz's smoked meat (Matissa and LIsa live in this neighborhood if you would like more recommendations)
    • Little Italy
    • Montreal's Two Chinatowns: The main Chinatown is near Old Port (a classic place for dim sum is Maison Kam Fung), a second Chinatown is emerging in the Guy/Concordia area near downtown (for soup dumplings try Sammi & Soupe Dumpling)
  • Olympic village/Espace Pour La Vie: the fomer olympic village area has a number of attractions including:
    • Biodome: a great place to visit with kids. Walk through a rainforest, a temperate zone with sea life and otters, and an artic zone with many penguins swimming around.
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Insectarium
    • Planetarium

Sightseeing: Tours

Public Transportation

  • Bixi bicycles. The first public bicycle system in Montreal. Montreal has a quite good bicycle path system (see Google maps for routing) and not too many hills. You can buy a day pass for $5 or a three-day pass for $14. A pass allows you to have unlimited rides, although each ride has to be less than 30 minutes or they charge you extra (most rides within Montreal are easily less than 30 mins). You can buy a pass at any station with a credit card.
  • Metro and buses. Both the metro and bus systems in Montreal are quite reliable. Both are run by STM and passes are good on both systems with free transfers. You can buy tickets at many convenience stores and drug stores near bus stations (look for an STM sticker in the window) or at metro stations. You can also pay with coins for a single fare on a bus. Prices:
    • A single trip is $3.25
    • A card with 2 trips is $6 (note: can only be used by one person, can't be shared)
    • A card with 10-trips is $27 (note: can only be used by one person, can't be shared)
    • 24 hours of unlimited trips is $10
    • 3 days of unlimited trips is $18
    • A week of unlimited trips is $25.75
  • Transportation from the airport. The only public transportation option at the moment is a bus, the 747, which goes from the airport to downtown (light rail is supposedly in the works).
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The 747 bus has a special fare of $10, BUT is included in any of the unlimited trip tickets above. So essentially you buy a 24 hour pass when you take the 747, and if you are going to take the 747 both ways it might be worthwhile to get the 3- or week-long pass.
    • There are ticket machines at the airport just before you exit out onto the street. The bus stop locations are pretty well marked, but you can always ask.