Poster Session D

Extended Abstracts

41 Memory-based Mechanisms for Economic Agents (Extended Abstract) Gil Dollberg and Aviv Zohar
43 A Dynamic Resource Allocation Approach for Concurrent Emergency Events in Metropolitan Regions (Extended Abstract) Jihang Zhang, Minjie Zhang and Fenghui Ren
48 Online Assignment Problems in Crowdsourcing Market: Theory and Practice (Extended Abstract) Pan Xu, Aravind Srinivasan, Kanthi Sarpatwar and Kun-Lung Wu
61 Protecting Elections with Minimal Resource Consumption (Extended Abstract) Yunpeng Li, Yichuan Jiang and Weiwei Wu
64 The Impact of Sensory Configurations on Autonomous Coordinated Driving (Extended Abstract) Geoff Nitschke and Allen Huang
65 Resource-bounded Norm Monitoring (Extended Abstract) Natalia Criado
68 Symmetry detection and exploitation for function approximation in RL (Extended Abstract) Anuj Mahajan and Theja Tulabandhula
72 Argumentation Based Defeasible Reasoning For Existential Rules (Extended Abstract) Abdelraouf Hecham, Madalina Croitoru and Pierre Bisquert
76 A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Reward Transformations in Multi-Objective Stochastic Games (Extended Abstract) Patrick Mannion, Jim Duggan and Enda Howley
122 An Empathic Agent that Alleviates Stress by Providing Support via Social Media (Extended Abstract) Lenin Medeiros and Tibor Bosse
193 Timed ATL: Forget Memory, Just Count (Extended Abstract) Étienne André, Wojciech Jamroga, Michał Knapik, Wojciech Penczek and Laure Petrucci
202 A Modular Framework for Decentralised Multi-Agent Planning (Extended Abstract) Rafael C. Cardoso and Rafael H. Bordini
204 Curriculum Design for Machine Learners in Sequential Decision Tasks (Extended Abstract) Bei Peng, James MacGlashan, Robert Loftin, Michael Littman, David Roberts and Matthew Taylor
210 interActors: A Model for Separating Complex Communication Concerns in Multiagent Computations (Extended Abstract) Hongxing Geng and Nadeem Jamali
216 Reasoning about Opportunistic Propensity in Multi-agent Systems (Extended Abstract) Jieting Luo, John-Jules Meyer and Max Knobbout
220 MATe: Multiagent Architecture for Taming e-Devices (Extended Abstract) Vladimir Moreira and Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão
240 Making and Improving Predictions of Interest Using an MDP Model (Extended Abstract) Yunlong Liu, Yifeng Zeng, Hexing Zhu and Yun Tang
254 Generalised Discount Functions applied to a Monte-Carlo AI\mu Implementation (Extended Abstract) Sean Lamont
269 On Repeated Stackelberg Security Game with the Cooperative Human Behavior Model for Wildlife Protection (Extended Abstract) Binru Wang, Yuan Zhang and Sheng Zhong
285 Finding a needle in a haystack: Satellite detection of moving objects in marine environments (Extended Abstract) Natalie Fridman, Doron Amir, Ilan Schvartzman, Oded Stawitzky, Igor Kleinerman, Sharon Kligsberg and Noa Agmon
302 A Trust-based Mixture of Gaussian Processes Model for Robust Participatory Sensing (Extended Abstract) Qikun Xiang, Jie Zhang, Ido Nevat and Pengfei Zhang
323 Data driven strategies for Active Monocular SLAM using Inverse Reinforcement Learning (Extended Abstract) Vignesh Prasad, Rishabh Jangir, K. Madhava Krishna and Balaraman Ravindran
332 Modelling and Reasoning about Palliative Actions in BDI Agents (Extended Abstract) João Faccin and Ingrid Nunes
334 Task Parametrization through Multi-modal Analysis of Robot Experiences (Extended Abstract) Jan Winkler, Asil Kaan Bozcuoğlu, Mihai Pomarlan and Michael Beetz
355 Consensus on Social Graphs under Increasing Peer Pressure (Extended Abstract) Justin Semonsen, Christopher Griffin, Anna Squicciarini and Sarah Rajtmajer
375 Extending JaCalIVE framework to create Virtual Worlds by means of an OWL ontology (Extended Abstract) Jaime Rincón, Vicente Julián and Carlos Carrascosa
381 Multiagent Coordination Using Graph Structured Mathematical Optimization (Extended Abstract) Arambam James Singh and Akshat Kumar
392 Prom Week meets Skyrim: Developing a Social Agent Architecture in a commercial game (Extended Abstract) Manuel Guimarães, Pedro Santos and Arnav Jhala
397 On Approximate Welfare and Revenue-Maximizing Equilibria for Size-Interchangeable Bidders (Extended Abstract) Enrique Areyan Viqueira, Amy Greenwald and Victor Naroditskiy
399 Cognition-enabled Task Interpretation for Human-Robot Teams in a Simulation-based Search and Rescue Mission (Extended Abstract) Fereshta Yazdani, Matthias Scheutz and Michael Beetz
442 Strategically misleading the user: building a Deceptive Virtual Suspect (Extended Abstract) Diogo Rato, Brian Ravenet, Rui Prada and Ana Paiva
449 Evolutionary Synthesis of Stable Normative Systems (Extended Abstract) Javier Morales, Michael Wooldridge, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar and Maite Lopez-Sanchez
453 SLA-Mechanisms for Electricity Trading under Volatile Supply and Varying Criticality of Demand (Extended Abstract) Georgios Methenitis, Michael Kaisers and Han La Poutre
457 Profit Optimization in Commercial Ridesharing (Extended Abstract) Arpita Biswas, Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan, Theja Tulabandhula, Koyel Mukherjee, Asmita Metrewar and Rajasubramaniam Thangaraj
475 Facial Expression Recognition with Firefly-based Feature Optimization (Extended Abstract) Kamlesh Mistry, Li Zhang, Yifeng Zeng and Mengda He
492 On Parameterized Complexity of Group Activity Selection Problems on Social Networks (Extended Abstract) Ayumi Igarashi, Edith Elkind and Robert Bredereck
499 Limited Observations and Local Information in Convention Emergence (Extended Abstract) James Marchant and Nathan Griffiths
511 Optimizing resource allocation with intelligent agents (Extended Abstract) Lucas Oliveira Souza, Célia Ghedini Ralha and Bruno Hoelz
513 "Learning" vs “Non-Learning" Robot: Can a Change in Robot’s Competency affect Children’s Perception? (Extended Abstract) Shruti Chandra, Raul Paradeda, Hang Yin, Rui Prada, Pierre Dillenbourgh and Ana Paiva
530 A Deep Learning Approach for Norm Conflict Identification (Extended Abstract) João Paulo Aires and Felipe Meneguzzi
534 A Comparison of Targeted Layered Containment Strategies for a Flu Pandemic in Three US Cities (Extended Abstract) Shuyu Chu, Samarth Swarup, Jiangzhuo Chen and Achla Marathe
540 Context-Based Concurrent Experience Sharing in Multiagent Systems (Extended Abstract) Dan Garant, Bruno Da Silva, Chongjie Zhang and Victor Lesser
544 Transfer Learning in Multi-Armed Bandit: A Causal Approach (Extended Abstract) Junzhe Zhang and Elias Bareinboim
551 Working Together: Committee Selection and the Supermodular Degree (Extended Abstract) Rani Izsak
593 Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods with Different Entitlements (Extended Abstract) Hadi Yami, Alireza Farhadi, Saeed Seddighin, Masoud Seddighin, Sébastien Lahaie, David Pennock, Mohammad Ghodsi and Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi
599 Reusing Skills for First-Time Solution of Navigation Tasks in Platform Videogames (Extended Abstract) Michael Dann, John Thangarajah and Fabio Zambetta
638 Optimal Decision Making with CP-nets and PCP-nets (Extended Abstract) Sujoy Sikdar, Sibel Adali and Lirong Xia
657 A Stitch in Time - Autonomous Model Management via Reinforcement Learning (Extended Abstract) Elad Liebman, Eric Zavesky and Peter Stone
666 Disparity-Aware Group Formation for Recommendation (Extended Abstract) Xiao Lin, Min Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang and Zhaoquan Gu
669 Large-Scale Analysis of Complex Adaptive Systems using Multi-Agent Modeling and Simulation (Extended Abstract) Lachlan Birdsey, Claudia Szabo and Katrina Falkner
670 Thwarting Vote Buying through Decoy Ballots (Extended Abstract) David Parkes, Paul Tylkin and Lirong Xia
676 Adapting with Honeypot Configurations to Detect Evolving Exploits (Extended Abstract) Marcus Gutierrez and Christopher Kiekintveld
698 Online Recognition of Navigation Goals through Goal Mirroring (Extended Abstract) Mor Vered and Gal Kaminka
712 Active Perception at the Architecture Level (Extended Abstract) Niv Rafaeli and Gal Kaminka
737 New results on approximate Nash equilibria (Extended Abstract) Artur Czumaj, Michail Fasoulakis and Marcin Jurdzinski

Full Papers

1 Debugging Agent Programs with "Why?" Questions Michael Winikoff
12 Proportional Representation in Vote Streams Palash Dey, Nimrod Talmon and Otniel van Handel
17 Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Mosquito-Borne Disease Transmission Akshay Jindal and Shrisha Rao
58 Automated Negotiations for General Game Playing Dave De Jonge and Dongmo Zhang
69 Progressing Intention Progression: A Call for a Goal-Plan Tree Contest Brian Logan, John Thangarajah and Neil Yorke-Smith
70 Bribery as a Measure of Candidate Success: Complexity Results for Approval-Based Multiwinner Rules Piotr Faliszewski, Piotr Skowron and Nimrod Talmon
73 Analyzing Games with Ambiguous Player Types Using the MINthenMAX Decision Model Ilan Nehama
97 Bootstrapping with Models: Confidence Intervals for Off-Policy Evaluation Josiah Hanna, Peter Stone and Scott Niekum
106 A Game Theoretic Approach to Strategy Generation for Moving Target Defense in Web Applications Sailik Sengupta, Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Subbarao Kambhampati, Adam Doupe, Marthony Taguinod, Ziming Zhao and Gail-Joon Ahn
137 Stable Matching with Uncertain Pairwise Preferences Haris Aziz, Peter Biro, Tamas Fleiner, Serge Gaspers, Ronald de Haan, Nicholas Mattei and Baharak Rastegari
143 A Deterministic Distributed Algorithm for Reasoning with Connected Row-Convex Constraints Shufeng Kong, Jae Hee Lee and Sanjiang Li
185 Asynchronous Data Aggregation for Training End to End Visual Control Networks Mathew Monfort, Matthew Johnson, Aude Oliva and Katja Hofmann
242 Influence Maximization in the Field: The Arduous Journey from Emerging to Deployed Application Amulya Yadav, Bryan Wilder, Robin Petering, Eric Rice and Milind Tambe
335 Practical versus optimal mechanisms Weiran Shen and Pingzhong Tang
396 Stability of Generalized Two-Sided Markets with Transaction Thresholds Zhiyuan Li, Yicheng Liu, Pingzhong Tang, Tingting Xu and Wei Zhan
398 Random Assignment with Optional Participation Florian Brandl, Felix Brandt and Johannes Hofbauer
447 Verification of Multi-agent Systems with Imperfect Information and Public Actions Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio, Aniello Murano and Sasha Rubin
451 Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Swarm Systems Adrian Šošić, Wasiur R. Khudabukhsh, Abdelhak M. Zoubir and Heinz Koeppl
466 Infinite-Horizon Proactive Dynamic DCOPs Khoi Hoang, Ping Hou, Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh, Roie Zivan and Makoto Yokoo
501 A Declarative Modular Framework for Representing and Applying Ethical Principles Fiona Berreby, Gauvain Bourgne and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
506 Reasoning about Natural Strategic Ability Wojtek Jamroga, Vadim Malvone and Aniello Murano
536 Decentralized Online Planning for Multi-Robot Warehouse Commissioning Daniel Claes, Frans Oliehoek, Hendrik Baier and Karl Tuyls
579 Towards An Autonomous Agent that Provides Automated Feedback on Students' Negotiation Skills Emmanuel Johnson, David Devault and Jonathan Gratch
582 Scaling Expectation-Maximization for Inverse Reinforcement Learning to Multiple Robots under Occlusion Kenneth Bogert and Prashant Doshi
587 Weighted Matching Markets with Budget Constraints Naoto Hamada, Anisse Ismaili, Takamasa Suzuki and Makoto Yokoo
628 Efficient near-optimal algorithms for barter exchange Zhipeng Jia, Pingzhong Tang, Ruosong Wang and Hanrui Zhang
707 Grumpy & Pinocchio: Answering Human-Agent Negotiation Questions through Realistic Agent Design Johnathan Mell and Jonathan Gratch
732 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? - An Agent-Based Approach to Self-Evaluation, Interpersonal Loss, and Suicide Ideation Jiamou Liu, Luqi Li and Kyle Russell