Poster Session A

Extended Abstracts

9 Doxastic Reasoning with Multi-Source Justifications based on Second Order Propositional Modal Logic (Extended Abstract) Tuan-Fang Fan and Churn-Jung Liau
21 Pareto Optimal Allocation under Uncertain Preferences (Extended Abstract) Haris Aziz, Ronald de Haan and Baharak Rastegari
22 Coalitional Exchange Stable Matchings in Marriage and Roommate Markets (Extended Abstract) Haris Aziz and Adrian Goldwaser
36 Agent-based Influence Maintenance in Social Networks (Extended Abstract) Weihua Li, Quan Bai, Doan Tung Nguyen and Minjie Zhang
41 Memory-based Mechanisms for Economic Agents (Extended Abstract) Gil Dollberg and Aviv Zohar
44 Pure Exploration in Episodic Fixed-Horizon Markov Decision Processes (Extended Abstract) Sudeep Raja Putta and Theja Tulabandhula
45 Coalition Formability Semantics With Conflict-Eliminable Sets of Arguments (Extended Abstract) Ryuta Arisaka and Ken Satoh
61 Protecting Elections with Minimal Resource Consumption (Extended Abstract) Yunpeng Li, Yichuan Jiang and Weiwei Wu
64 The Impact of Sensory Configurations on Autonomous Coordinated Driving (Extended Abstract) Geoff Nitschke and Allen Huang
65 Resource-bounded Norm Monitoring (Extended Abstract) Natalia Criado
74 Speeding up Tabular Reinforcement Learning Using State-Action Similarities (Extended Abstract) Ariel Rosenfeld, Matthew E. Taylor and Sarit Kraus
90 Dealing with incompatibilities among goals (Extended Abstract) Mariela Morveli Espinoza, Ayslan Possebom, Josep Puyol-Gruart and Cesar A. Tacla
122 An Empathic Agent that Alleviates Stress by Providing Support via Social Media (Extended Abstract) Lenin Medeiros and Tibor Bosse
165 Extending the Range of Delivery Drones by Exploratory Learning of Energy Models (Extended Abstract) Tsz-Chiu Au and Ty Nguyen
202 A Modular Framework for Decentralised Multi-Agent Planning (Extended Abstract) Rafael C. Cardoso and Rafael H. Bordini
204 Curriculum Design for Machine Learners in Sequential Decision Tasks (Extended Abstract) Bei Peng, James MacGlashan, Robert Loftin, Michael Littman, David Roberts and Matthew Taylor
216 Reasoning about Opportunistic Propensity in Multi-agent Systems (Extended Abstract) Jieting Luo, John-Jules Meyer and Max Knobbout
218 Parametric runtime verification of multiagent systems (Extended Abstract) Davide Ancona, Angelo Ferrando and Viviana Mascardi
220 MATe: Multiagent Architecture for Taming e-Devices (Extended Abstract) Vladimir Moreira and Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão
223 DYCOM: A Dynamic Truthful Budget Balanced Double-sided Combinatorial Market (Extended Abstract) Rica Gonen and Ozi Egri
232 An Adaptive One-to-many Negotiation to Improve The Service Acceptability of an Open SaaS Provider (Extended Abstract) Amro Najjar
254 Generalised Discount Functions applied to a Monte-Carlo AI\mu Implementation (Extended Abstract) Sean Lamont
269 On Repeated Stackelberg Security Game with the Cooperative Human Behavior Model for Wildlife Protection (Extended Abstract) Binru Wang, Yuan Zhang and Sheng Zhong
290 Safety First: Strategic Navigation in Adversarial Environments (Extended Abstract) Ofri Keidar and Noa Agmon
302 A Trust-based Mixture of Gaussian Processes Model for Robust Participatory Sensing (Extended Abstract) Qikun Xiang, Jie Zhang, Ido Nevat and Pengfei Zhang
310 Synergistic Team Composition (Extended Abstract) Ewa Andrejczuk, Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, Carles Sierra and Carme Roig
320 Bootstrapping trust with partial and subjective observability (Extended Abstract) Phillip Taylor, Lina Barakat, Simon Miles and Nathan Griffiths
334 Task Parametrization through Multi-modal Analysis of Robot Experiences (Extended Abstract) Jan Winkler, Asil Kaan Bozcuoğlu, Mihai Pomarlan and Michael Beetz
355 Consensus on Social Graphs under Increasing Peer Pressure (Extended Abstract) Justin Semonsen, Christopher Griffin, Anna Squicciarini and Sarah Rajtmajer
375 Extending JaCalIVE framework to create Virtual Worlds by means of an OWL ontology (Extended Abstract) Jaime Rincón, Vicente Julián and Carlos Carrascosa
392 Prom Week meets Skyrim: Developing a Social Agent Architecture in a commercial game (Extended Abstract) Manuel Guimarães, Pedro Santos and Arnav Jhala
428 Designing learning algorithms over the sequence form of an extensive-form game (Extended Abstract) Nicola Gatti, Edoardo Manino and Marcello Restelli
435 Contextual Ranking of Behaviors for Large-scale Multiagent Simulations (Extended Abstract) Nidhi Parikh, Madhav Marathe and Samarth Swarup
442 Strategically misleading the user: building a Deceptive Virtual Suspect (Extended Abstract) Diogo Rato, Brian Ravenet, Rui Prada and Ana Paiva
446 A flexible approach for designing optimal reward functions (Extended Abstract) Ricardo Grunitzki, Bruno C. Da Silva and Ana L. C. Bazzan
475 Facial Expression Recognition with Firefly-based Feature Optimization (Extended Abstract) Kamlesh Mistry, Li Zhang, Yifeng Zeng and Mengda He
492 On Parameterized Complexity of Group Activity Selection Problems on Social Networks (Extended Abstract) Ayumi Igarashi, Edith Elkind and Robert Bredereck
512 Analysis of Meta-level Communication for Distributed Resource Allocation Problems (Extended Abstract) Matthew Saponaro and Keith Decker
513 "Learning" vs “Non-Learning" Robot: Can a Change in Robot’s Competency affect Children’s Perception? (Extended Abstract) Shruti Chandra, Raul Paradeda, Hang Yin, Rui Prada, Pierre Dillenbourgh and Ana Paiva
515 Flexible POMDP Framework for Human-Robot Cooperation in Escort Tasks (Extended Abstract) Fabio-Valerio Ferrari, Laurent Jeanpierre and Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
531 Inverse Reinforcement Learning Under Noisy Observations (Extended Abstract) Shervin Shahryari and Prashant Doshi
540 Context-Based Concurrent Experience Sharing in Multiagent Systems (Extended Abstract) Dan Garant, Bruno Da Silva, Chongjie Zhang and Victor Lesser
567 An Agent-Based Self-Organizing Traffic Model for Urban Evacuations (Extended Abstract) Mohammad Al-Zinati and Rym Wenkstern
589 A conversational agent powered by online learning (Extended Abstract) Vânia Mendonça, Francisco Melo, Luísa Coheur and Alberto Sardinha
591 Detecting Commitment Abandonment by Monitoring Plan Execution (Extended Abstract) Ramon Fraga Pereira, Nir Oren and Felipe Meneguzzi
593 Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods with Different Entitlements (Extended Abstract) Hadi Yami, Alireza Farhadi, Saeed Seddighin, Masoud Seddighin, Sébastien Lahaie, David Pennock, Mohammad Ghodsi and Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi
608 Mechanism Design for Social Law Synthesis under Incomplete Information (Extended Abstract) Jun Wu, Lei Zhang, Chongjun Wang and Junyuan Xie
625 Multiple-Profile Prediction-of-Use Games (Extended Abstract) Andrew Perrault and Craig Boutilier
657 A Stitch in Time - Autonomous Model Management via Reinforcement Learning (Extended Abstract) Elad Liebman, Eric Zavesky and Peter Stone
666 Disparity-Aware Group Formation for Recommendation (Extended Abstract) Xiao Lin, Min Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang and Zhaoquan Gu
669 Large-Scale Analysis of Complex Adaptive Systems using Multi-Agent Modeling and Simulation (Extended Abstract) Lachlan Birdsey, Claudia Szabo and Katrina Falkner
670 Thwarting Vote Buying through Decoy Ballots (Extended Abstract) David Parkes, Paul Tylkin and Lirong Xia
673 On the gap between outcomes of voting rules (Extended Abstract) Anurita Mathur and Arnab Bhattacharyya
695 Agent Behaviors for Joining and Leaving a Flock (Extended Abstract) Katie Genter and Peter Stone
712 Active Perception at the Architecture Level (Extended Abstract) Niv Rafaeli and Gal Kaminka
737 New results on approximate Nash equilibria (Extended Abstract) Artur Czumaj, Michail Fasoulakis and Marcin Jurdzinski

Full Papers

5 Splee: A Declarative Information-Based Language for Multiagent Interaction Protocols Amit Chopra, Samuel Christie and Munindar Singh
7 Structured Proportional Representation Nimrod Talmon
28 Effect of Leader Placement on Robotic Swarm Control Rohan Tiwari, Puneet Jain, Sachit Butail, Sujit Baliyarasimhuni and Michael Goodrich
55 Real-time Adaptive Tolling Scheme for Optimized Social Welfare in Traffic Networks Guni Sharon, Josiah Hanna, Tarun Rambha, Michael Levin, Michael Albert, Stephen Boyles and Peter Stone
71 Are ranking semantics sensitive to the notion of core? Bruno Yun, Madalina Croitoru and Pierre Bisquert
176 Incentivizing Cooperation Between Heterogeneous Agents in Dynamic Task Allocation Sofia Amador and Roie Zivan
179 Exploring the Bidimensional Space: A Dynamic Logic Point of View  Philippe Balbiani, David Fernández-Duque and Emiliano Lorini
238 A Distributed Constraint Optimization (DCOP) Approach to the Economic Dispatch with Demand Response Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh, Enrico Pontelli, Ye Ma and Satishkumar J. Ranade
244 Save Money or Feel Cozy? A Field Experiment Evaluation of a Smart Thermostat that Learns Heating Preferences Mike Shann, Alper Alan, Sven Seuken, Enrico Costanza and Sarvapali Ramchurn
280 Exploiting Anonymity and Homogeneity in Factored Dec-MDPs through Precomputed Binomial Distributions Rajiv Ranjan Kumar and Pradeep Varakantham
307 New Approximation for Borda Coalitional Manipulation Orgad Keller, Avinatan Hassidim and Noam Hazon
344 Multi-agent nonlinear negotiation for Wi-Fi channel assignment Enrique de La Hoz, Ivan Marsa-Maestre, Jose Manuel Gimenez-Guzman, David Orden and Mark Klein
352 Adaptive Pricing Mechanisms for On-Demand Mobility Maciej Drwal, Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Keiichiro Hayakawa and Hironobu Kitaoka
371 Real Candidacy Games: A New Model for Strategic Candidacy Itay Sabato, Svetlana Obraztsova, Zinovi Rabinovich and Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
395 A Restricted Markov Tree Model for Inference and Generation in Social Choice with Incomplete Preferences John A. Doucette and Robin Cohen
456 MISER: Mise-En-Scene Region Support for Staging Narrative Actions in Interactive Storytelling Jamie Matthews, Fred Charles, Julie Porteous and Alexandra Mendes
458 Pedagogical Agents as Team Members: Impact of Proactive and Pedagogical Behavior on the User Mukesh Barange, Julien Saunier and Alexandre Pauchet
482 Lifelong Multi-Agent Path Finding for Online Pickup and Delivery Tasks Hang Ma, Jiaoyang Li, T. K. Satish Kumar and Sven Koenig
498 Bisimulations for Verifying Strategic Abilities with an Application to ThreeBallot Francesco Belardinelli, Rodica Condurache, Catalin Dima, Wojciech Jamroga and Andrew V. Jones
505 Strategic disclosure of opinions on a social network Umberto Grandi, Emiliano Lorini, Arianna Novaro and Laurent Perrussel
525 Divide and Conquer: Using Geographic Manipulation to Win District-Based Elections Yoad Lewenberg, Omer Lev and Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
548 Applying Copeland Voting to Design an Agent-Based Hyper-Heuristic Vinicius Renan de Carvalho and Jaime Simão Sichman
552 Spoken Instruction-Based One-Shot Object and Action Learning in a Cognitive Robotic Architecture Matthias Scheutz, Evan Krause, Brad Oosterveld and Robert Platt
583 Incorporating Emotion Perception into Opponent Modeling for Social Dilemmas Rens Hoegen, Giota Stratou and Jonathan Gratch
604 Coordinating multiple defensive resources in patrolling games with alarm systems Nicola Basilico, Andrea Celli, Giuseppe De Nittis and Nicola Gatti
642 Condorcet Consistent Bundling with Social Choice Shreyas Sekar, Sujoy Sikdar and Lirong Xia
681 Error Cascades in Collective Behavior - A Case Study of the Gradient Algorithm on 1000 Physical Agents Melvin Gauci, Monica Ortiz, Michael Rubenstein and Radhika Nagpal
723 Causality, Responsibility, and Blame in Team Plans Natasha Alechina, Joseph Halpern and Brian Logan
1002 BDI Agent Testability Revisited (JAAMAS Paper) Michael Winikoff
1005 The Joint Movement of Pebbles in Solving the (N^2-1)-Puzzle Suboptimally and its Applications in Rule-Based Cooperative Path-Finding (JAAMAS Paper) Pavel Surynek and Petr Michalik