UNIF 2013: Volume Information
Volume:Konstantin Korovin and Barbara Morawska (editors).
UNIF 2013. 27th International Workshop on Unification

Volume Information

Title:UNIF 2013. 27th International Workshop on Unification
Editors:Konstantin Korovin and Barbara Morawska
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:July 29, 2013


Santiago EscobarUnification and Anti-unification modulo Equational Theories1
Temur KutsiaAnti-Unification: Algorithms and Applications2
María Alpuente, Santiago Escobar and Javier EspertDetecting Modular ACU Structural Symmetries3-7
Franz Baader, Oliver Fernandez Gil and Barbara MorawskaHybrid Unification in the Description Logic EL8-12
Alexander Baumgartner and Temur KutsiaUnranked Anti-Unification with Hedge and Context Variables13-21
Shreyaben Brahmakshatriya, Sushma Danturi, Kimberly Gero and Paliath NarendranUnication Problems Modulo a Theory of Until22-29
Serdar Erbatur, Deepak Kapur, Andrew M Marshall, Paliath Narendran and Christophe RingeissenHierarchical Combination of Unication Algorithms (Extended Abstract)30-34
Tatyana Novikova and Vladimir ZakharovIs it possible to unify sequential programs?35-45


Anti-Unification with Skeletons, Asymmetric unification, combination, Description Logic, Disunification, equational generalization, equational theories, Equational Unification, equivalence checking, Generalization with Hedge and Context Variables, graph automorphism, Least General Rigid Generalization, Linear Temporal Logic, NP-complete, NP-completeness, Parametrized Rigid Higher-Order Generalization, polynomial time, polynomial time complexity, program, Structural symmetries, substitution, term rewriting, unification3, Unranked Higher-Order Anti-Unification.