LPAR23:Editor's Preface

This proceedings volume contains peer-reviewed contributions accepted at the 23rd International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-23), 2020.

LPAR-23 originally was set to take place during May 22-27, 2020 in Alicante (Spain). Amid the COVID-19 situation, together with the LPAR steering committee, we have decided to cancel LPAR-23 in Alicante, in May 2020.  Instead of going for a virtual conference setting, we will "merge" LPAR-23 with LPAR-24, offering the authors of accepted LPAR-23 papers the possibility, if they wish, to present their work at LPAR-24 in Tobago, January 2021. 

Despite the COVID-19 crisis and short submission/reviewing period LPAR-23 had, we were fortunate to have 54 submissions received. Each submission was reviewed by at least 3 program committee members. We are very grateful to our program committee for all their efforts for providing high-quality and timely review, despite the challenging times of the COVID-19 crisis.  After careful deliberations during the online program committee meeting, we have decided to accept 26 papers at LPAR-23.

We planned LPAR-23 with three invited speakers: Alexandra Silva (UCL), Robert Niewenhuis (UPC) and Mooly Sagiv (Tel Aviv U and Certora). While LPAR-23 will not take place in May 2020, we are grateful for the invited abstracts and papers we received and included in the present proceedings. 

We thank authors of our proceedings papers for revising and submitting their exceptional works to the LPAR-23 proceedings. We hope details and further results of the papers included in the present proceedings will have the possibility to present their work at LPAR-24, while re-establishing our conference culture to present and discuss ideas together with collegues in a lively and relaxed environment.

We would like to thank the Vienna Center for Logics and Algorithms - VCLA for their unrestricted LPAR-23 sponsorship which we used for our proceedings. We also thank the  EasyChair for assisting us in creating the LPAR-23 proceedings as an EasyChair EPiC volume. 


Elvira Albert
Laura Kovacs
May 18, 2020