Proceedings of 32nd International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering

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agent-based systems, AI, alternate, Android, Augmented Reality, automated production systems, Biomedical Signal Processing, Biometric for sharks, Blockchain2, Boundary descriptor, Business Object, business process, Capacity-constrained, Cartesian product, case-based reasoning, Causal Temporal Signatures, Classification, Cloud, Cloud Computing, complete bipartite graph, Controller Area Network (CAN), Critical Section, CubeMX, Cybersecurity, cyberspace, cycle, Deadline, decision making, descending auction, detection, Digital Twin, Dimensionality reduction., Discrete Event Systems, distance learning, DOI theory, e-government, ECG signals, Education, EHR, electrical energy, Electronic Health Records, embedded system, evaluation strategies, Evolutionary Higher-Order Spectrum, fault tolerance, freehand annotation, FreeRTOS, FTP, fuel energy, Fuzzy graph, Fuzzy minimum spanning tree, Genetic Algorithm, global sustainability, Graph data., Hardware Abstraction Libraries (HAL), high throughput, I2C protocol, Industrie 4.0, Intelligent Systems, Interoperability, interval type-2 fuzzy set, Japanese flower market, knowledge base, knowledge-based systems, knowledge-management and ontologies, L(3 2 1)-labeling, LibOpenCM3, local government, Localization, LSTM, Lumbar Puncture, Machine Learning (ML), medical education, metrics, Microservice Architecture, Minimum weight bipartite matching, modelling of the world and intelligence, monitoring, multicast protocol, Neighborhood Preserving Embedding., non-renewable sources, online community, Online faults diagnosis, overrun, P2P network, path, performance indicators, phenotypes, PKCS#11, predicate calculus, prediction model, Presentation System, Primary, Principal Component Analysis., progeny, Purpose, purposeful systems, Pyramid tree, real-time, Residue class2, security protocols, SECURTY, Share Market, shared data, similarity metrics, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Token, social, social media, Social Networks Software, solar energy, sticky note annotation, STM32F407 Discovery, structured P2P network, temperature control, Time-Frequency Distributions, Tree diameter, Trust, type-1 fuzzy set, underrun, web applications, web-based system, workflow, Workflow Management Systems