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Investigating Security Methods in Electronic Payment

EasyChair Preprint no. 7141

6 pagesDate: December 4, 2021


Electronic payment as one of the achievements in the field of information and communication technology, It plays an important role in the prosperity of e-commerce and the economy of each country.They are a vital part of a country's economic and financial infrastructure. Their good performance in safe and timely transfer of funds is their most important effect on the overall performance of the economic system. Today, with the increasing spread of electronic transactions, Electronic payment systems are also designed that allow the customer to pay electronically at the same time. Security and trust are required to establish an electronic payment system. There are several security solutions in electronic payment. In this article, we look at security threats and ways to improve the security of payment systems.This article provides readers with a fairly comprehensive understanding of how payment system security is enhanced.

Keyphrases: ارتقا امنيت, سيستهای پرداخت, مکانیزم امنیتی, پرداخت الكترونيك،, پروتکل امنیتی

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