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Development of Wayang Mask Craftsmen in Malang Use the Sayembara Menthod

EasyChair Preprint no. 4629

8 pagesDate: November 24, 2020


In Malang Raya, Wayang Topeng is a performing art that is elevated and proud as the original art of Malang. This condition makes Wayang Topeng a home industry and has led to several puppet mask craftsmen in the community, especially in Malang Raya. The productivity of making wayang masks in Malang is not in line with the improvement in the quality of wayang craftsmen in Malang. Singhasana Budaya Nusantara as a cultural community then carries out a community service program that aims to provide guidance and assistance to wayang mask craftsmen in Malang City in improving the quality of wayang mask works and expanding the marketing area. The method of implementing coaching and mentoring carried out for craftsmen in Malang City uses the competition method approach which consists of the discussion, competition, training, practice, and evaluation of activities. The result of this 2016 activity is that there has been an increase in the quality of the work of several craftsmen in Malang, thereby increasing the sales turnover of wayang mask craftsman partners in Malang. Some of the best puppet mask craftsmen in Malang have become permanent collections of Malang Wayang Topeng Museum, and there has been an expansion of the marketing area for Wayang Topeng craftsmen in Malang after the mentoring program.

Keyphrases: Coaching and Assistance, Quality of production, Wayang Mask

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